Your Personalised Colour Dossier – Christmas Special

Christmas Special Offer – Buy two for £80 saving £18!

Buy the Gift of Colour for a friend or relative (female only)

I just need a head and shoulders picture of them and their hair and eye colour – complete this form for each person.

Having a wardrobe that works, that you can just open the door and pull an outfit together is a dream of many women. Equally many of us have a wardrobe full of black and still have nothing to wear!

how to wear colour

Well here’s the solution…

Your Personalised Colour Dossier.

A digital booklet full of colour and ideas to help you make dressing (and makeup) easy. And it’s personalised just for you.

How does it work?

You purchase the Dossier online (see below), answer a few quick questions, upload a photo and within a few days you will receive your Dossier.

What’s included?

An analysis of your colouring telling you which are your best colours including key neutrals and accent colours as well as which of the season’s fashion colours work for you. (This isn’t an ’80s style colour analysis, it’s much more practical and gives you simple rules to follow – and break!)

How to wear colour – which go together well and how to make pieces in your wardrobe work.

Your best authority colour and your best attention grabbing colour.

How to wear black (everyone does, so I’ll tell you how to make it work for you)

Colours for glasses and jewellery.

Makeup colours.

Ideas for pieces to pick from the current season and what to add into your wardrobe now.

Key basics and the colours to buy them in.

Instead of wondering whether you should spend a month’s salary on that coat because you are not sure if the colour is right, go armed with information so you don’t make costly mistakes in the future.

Say yes to “Living in colour” it will revolutionise your wardrobe and make shopping much more fun!

NOTE – You will receive 2 versions of the Dossier in a PDF document for you to forward to the gift recipient.

Buy your 2 Colour Dossiers (please complete 2 versions of the questionnaire one for each person)


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