Your Personalised Capsule Wardrobe Dossier Service

How do you feel when you open your wardrobe doors?

If you are like most women you probably hope that the right outfit for the occasion you are dressing for will jump out at you and be miraculously clean, appropriate and well fitting.

Or does it depress you the amount of money you have spent on pieces or outfits that don’t quite work? Probably that you bought in desperation the last time you needed an outfit for an important event or meeting!

And what about the time it takes to put one outfit together let alone a whole season’s worth?

Well you can say goodbye to all that heartache because your Personalised Capsule Wardrobe Dossier is here and it’s all online, you don’t even need to leave your armchair.

It’s a COMPLETE capsule wardrobe service (please note clothes are NOT included) BUT the key thing is it’s designed just for you. No two women are the same – I don’t treat my clients as a formula, I listen to what you really need. We all have our own bugbears and insecurities so you can rest assured that all the information you give me is kept private and helps me design a wardrobe you will be thrilled with.

Buy your complete online capsule wardrobe dossier of 36 items for just 3 instalments of £219 by clicking the button below

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I have a mission to bring back the fun and pleasure in getting dressed so that you can look the very best “you”.

Why a Capsule Wardrobe?

We all want to look and feel our best everyday and make your investment in your wardrobe worthwhile. We want to be taken seriously and create the right first impression. What we wear tells people so much about who we are and how we feel about ourselves.

Why shouldn’t you feel good about the way you look? What we wear isn’t a fluffy subject, it can have a real effect on our self esteem and how we feel about our day.

A carefully thought out capsule wardrobe will:

  • Make you feel good about yourself – you can dress in confidence and not have to worry about your outfit for the rest of the day
  • Save you time and money – you get maximum cost per wear so making investments makes financial sense
  • Demonstrate your professionalism – it can make a real difference to how you are perceived
  • Make mornings easier because everything works together and you can put an outfit together in minutes
  • You will look your best because every item fits and flatters you
  • Get worn! You love every piece so it doesn’t sit at the back of the wardrobe
  • Be easy to add in updates each new season

But most women don’t have the time to create the perfect wardrobe for themselves…

Spring capsule wardrobe, capsule wardrobe business wearSpring capsule wardrobe, capsule wardrobe casual wear

Spring capsule wardrobe, capsule wardrobe evening wear


How does it work?

Once you have completed the purchase by clicking the link below your subscription will be created and you will be redirected to your questionnaire. All you need to do is complete the questionnaire and upload some photos, your first look book of 12 items and outfits will arrive within 14 days. Then you choose when you would like the following 2 sets of 12 selections. You may want them consecutively or spread out over 6 months. Just let us know what suits you.

What’s included?

  • After completing the payment for your first instalment you will be redirected to complete the online questionnaire
  • You will receive a Look book of your first 12 items, outfits and direct links to buy in your size. Carefully selected for you it will cover all occasions for the upcoming season. Whether you need business wear, corporate events, desk to dinner, weekend wear and social wear you will always have the right thing to wear.
  • For each of the following 2 months your subscription of £219 will be automatically processed and you can decide when you want to receive your next look book of 12 items, each time building on the previous collection(s)
  • Your first Look Book includes a section on the capsule, picking up on your specific requirements and why the pieces have been chosen. The colour scheme of the capsule showing you all of the pieces I have selected. The outfit pictures – to include work, weekend, social and special occasions. Subsequent look books will include the new items and links as well as new outfits using these and previous pieces.
  • Swap out up to 2 items (per group of 12) – all items are chosen for your colouring, body shape and lifestyle, however, there may just be some items you don’t like so you have an option to swap out up to 2 items for an alternative.

Read what clients have said about this service.

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Buy your complete online capsule wardrobe dossier in 3 instalments of £219 by CLICKING BELOW

capsule wardrobe service, 36 item capsule wardrobe