Your Best Colours and How To Wear Them


But which red is yours? If you want to know which are your best colours read on.

The first step in looking fabulous every day is understanding what is right for you. While I don’t agree with putting you in a box, if you understand which colours look good on you, you can break the rules to suit your personality, making your colour palette uniquely yours.

Even if you have had a colour analysis in the past I bet there are some colours you never wear, or you still look at items in shops and wonder whether they will make you look gorgeous or whether they will drain you.

As a starting point read the descriptions below and decide which of the dominant types sounds most like you – your mini online colour analysis is here!

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However, your options don’t end there. If you would like more help, or can’t determine which are your best colours and your Dominant Type then from as little as £49 I can help. The Personalised Colour Dossier will give lots of information and inspiration – find out more about it here.

So Which Dominant Type Are you and Which are your best colours?

Are you the LIGHT woman?

Light women have fair hair, light blonde or white, they have light blue or green eyes and porcelain skin, their overall appearance is delicate.

 Dresses for Light colouring


Are you the DEEP woman?

Deep women have dark brown to black hair, dark brown eyes and skin that could be dark or pale. Their overall look is strong.

Dresses for Deep colouring


Are you the WARM woman?

There will be some evidence of red or auburn in your hair. It may be in a colour range from the lightest strawberry blonde to rich dark auburn. You may have blue, green or brown eyes. There may be lots of freckles but it’s always the auburn hair you see first! Their overall look is golden.

Dresses for Warm colouring


Are you the COOL woman?

Cool women will have sliver or ash blonde hair and sometimes black, she has blue or grey eyes, and pink cheeks, there is an absence of warm to her skin. Their overall look is cool and steely.

 Dresses for Cool colouring


Are you the BRIGHT  (or CLEAR) woman?

The bright or clear woman will have medium to dark brown hair, their eyes will be bright blue or green and a dominant feature, their skin will be pale and fresh looking. Their overall look has a lot of contrast between the pale skin dark hair and bright jewel like eyes.

Dresses for Bright colouring


Are you the SOFT (or MUTED) woman?

You are neither a Light type nor a Deep type. You may describe your own colouring as ‘mousy’. You will have neither very blonde nor the darkest of brown hair. Your eyes will vary from brown to hazel, grey green and blue grey. Your overall look is muted and blended, with no great contrast between the hair, eyes and skin.

Dresses for Soft colouring


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