Party Outfits to Suit Your Personality – Which Works for You?

Have you ever been to a party and seen someone else in the same dress as you? If you buy something on the High Street there is a chance that it could happen, but I don’t think it’s anything to panic about. Because even if someone has the same dress on as you, it’s more than likely that you will both be wearing it differently. The finishing touches and how you wear it is what makes the outfit yours. Below are some tips on how to choose party outfits to suit your personality.

Are you someone who likes to make an entrance or would you rather arrive quietly without too much attention? Do you like feminine party dresses or do you prefer a laid back trouser outfit? Do you like classic styles that you will be able to wear for years to come or is your outfit accessorised with this season’s must have shoe?

So what is your “Party Personality”?

If you are Classic you will prefer timeless pieces that don’t make a big statement. Your jewellery will be delicate, rather than statement and you will prefer a neat up do for your hair or a beautiful blow dry. Choose a pink or soft red lipstick and nail varnish to finish off your polished look.

Prty outfits to suit your personality

Necklace and Earrings set // Jacket // Dress // Bag // Shoes //

If you have more of a Relaxed style, you will probably prefer a trouser outfit and comfortable flats. You won’t want a fussy hair style, but will prefer something that is relaxed and won’t need attention during the evening. Your makeup will be minimal, you will feel uncomfortable in a dramatic red lip. Do wear some makeup though to finish your look, choose a nude lipstick and a natural nail colour.

Prty outfits to suit your personality

Necklace // Top // Trousers // Bag // Shoes //

If you are Feminine, you will love bows, frills and sequins on your dress and will always choose pretty heels over flats. Choose embellished accessories and look for details like the diamante on the cuff of this jacket. You will love curls or an up do with loose tendrils framing your face. Choose glossy lips and a pretty pink nail colour.

Prty outfits to suit your personality

Jacket // Dress // Bag // Shoes //

For the Dramatic, it is all about impact with bold colour combinations like this deep red and black. Your accessories will make a statement so choose the must have dangling earrings and sock boots. Finish your look with red lips and nails.

Prty outfits to suit your personality

Earrings // Jacket // Dress // Bag // Boots //

Being Minimalist doesn’t mean no effort. In fact your outfit will have been carefully put together. The less fuss and frills, the more you need beautiful pieces of the highest quality. For your hair choose a sleek up do or a neat bob. Finish your look with polished makeup and a longer lip colour that you can apply once and forget.

Prty outfits to suit your personality

Necklace and Earrings Set // Jacket // Dress // Bag // Sandals //

Which type sounds most like you? I love the Dramatic look but there are definitely times when I want to be Relaxed or Minimalist.

This is just a guideline and a bit of fun though, as you know I don’t believe in putting my clients in to boxes, so just be who you are!