What I Wore to the RewardStyle Conference

This post contains affiliate links.

As you know last week I travelled to Dallas for my yearly visit to the RewardStyle conference. It’s 4 years running that I have attended. For those of you who are new, RewardStyle (RS) is the company I use for my affiliate marketing. If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, you can find at more here. It doesn’t affect you as a reader but it does help me to continue to provide all of the free content available on my various channels.

This event is organised predominantly to provide meetings with brands and education on how to grow your business. RS are the middle man between “Influencers” (as bloggers and YouTubers are now described) and brands who want to market their products in a more effective and targeted way than general adverts. Not only is RS an invitation only platform for bloggers, but they only invite their top 200 influencers (there are 30,000 world wide) to the conference, so it’s a pretty big deal to be invited.

It’s an event to see and be seen, so everyone dresses up for the occasion. As well as 2 days of talks and classroom sessions there are set meetings with brands and more informal meetings in the brand suite, which is like a mini exhibition with stands where you chat to the brand to find out more about each other as well network. Plus there are always lots of lovely gifts which the brands kindly give you so that you can sample their products.

There are also 2 cocktail parties and 2 lunches sponsored by a brand and the final night party hosted by LikeToKnow.it so that’s a lot of outfits for just a few days. I usually think of it as 8 outfits; 2 travel days, 2 cocktail parties, the final night party, 2 conference days and the first day which I usually spend shopping with my friend Deborah from Toronto before registering for the event at the champagne opening.

In the video below you will see how I packed, what I wore and why I chose the outfits. I have provided links for anything that is still available or alternatives if I can find them.

I hope you enjoy the video and it gives you some ideas for dressing for events. I will of course be adding more posts in the coming weeks about event dressing for the Spring and Summer seasons, including weddings, Ascot, Glyndebourne, Henley and more, so stay tuned.