How to Wear Yellow to Suit Your Colouring

One of my favourite colours of this season’s Pantone colours is Meadow Lark. Yellow to you and me. If you love it too, below is how to wear yellow to suit your colouring. I am mixing mine with navy now and will wear it with white during the summer for a lovely fresh look.

How to wear yellow

If you are wondering whether yellow will suit you, it does look better on a warm skin tone rather than a cool skin tone. Those with warm skin tones can wear yellow from muted to bright dependant on their dominant colouring. However, if you are cool skin toned then a more citrusy yellow or an icy yellow will work for you.

How to wear yellow to suit your colouring

For Light colouring mix yellow with light grey or soft white and avoid a too dark yellow, choose a lighter Primrose.

For Deep colouring mix yellow with one of your dark neutrals like olive or navy and use mustard too.

If your Dominant is Warm you can choose an egg yoke or daffodil yellow and it will look gorgeous with camel or any of your greens.

Cool colouring is more tricky, but if you want to wear yellow, choose a citrus yellow and keep it away from your face mixed with navy or grey.

Brights can mix a lemon yellow with other bright colours in their palette or neutrals like black and dark or light greys.

For Softs, choose a muted yellow and mix with other colours of the same depth rather than creating a contrast.

How to wear yellow

Below are some of my favourite yellow pieces in stores now:

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