Update Your Wardrobe With Spring Greens

One of the quickest ways to update your wardrobe at the beginning of the season is to add a new colour. There is already plenty of colour coming in the shops and one of the front runners for most popular is green. Others include yellow and a bright blue – what I would call Cobalt.

I usually recommend that when you update your wardrobe with a colour, you add more than one piece in that colour so it doesn’t stand alone in your wardrobe. You could go bold and add a jacket and trousers as shown below. But if you want a more subtle approach choose a top and perhaps a pair of shoes.

I have rounded up some great Spring Greens below.

Update Your Wardrobe – Spring Greens


Dress // Sweatshirt // Bag // Jacket // shoes // Blazer // Crop trousers // Sweater // Wrap top // Necklace // Trousers // Shoes //

How to Wear Spring Greens

Wear it with a neutral such as navy for Deeps, Brights and Cools. Those with Light, Warm or Soft colouring could use taupe or camel to soften the intensity.

If you aren’t sure what your Dominant colouring is check out my Your Best Colours and how to wear them page and download the free tip sheet. Or if you would like a more personalised colour analysis take a look at my Colour Dossier service.

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