Trench Coats, 2 Ways, 3 Budgets

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Although we have had Summer temperatures this week, don’t pack away your trench coats yet! It’s all set to change for later in the week and rain or trench coats are likely to be a must have in your wardrobe until late Spring – in fact trench coats earn their cost per wear all year round here in the UK. But don’t think they are just for work over your suits, wear them with your casual wear too. If you are looking for a coloured trench or rain coat, check out this post.

Most wardrobe must haves lists include them and there is no denying they are a useful wardrobe staple. However, the classic double breasted trench coats aren’t for everyone. If you have a large bust, choose a single breasted version instead and avoid any detail around the bust. If you are Apple shaped you would be better with a swing style and for Pear shapes an A line style is a good option and epaulettes on the shoulder help to balance out the hips. Those with a column shape look good in the classic trench and can use the belt to give themselves a little waist definition.

Almost every brand includes trench coats in their Spring collection and over the last few weeks they have been one of the most popular search terms. Of course the dream trench is the Burberry option and despite them being 4 figures, they still sell out quickly. But if you don’t have the funds or the inclination to lay out a small fortune for your trench coat, there are plenty of more budget friendly options. Below I have created 2 looks for 3 different budgets and at the bottom of the post are more alternatives for you.

Trench Coats 2 Ways – Designer

Trench coats, Burberry trench coat, Vince blue suit, Equipment silk shirt, Tops Loafers, YSL tote, Valentino bag

Trench Coat // Jacket // Trousers // Blouse // Bag // Shoes // Silk shirt // Jeans // Tote // Loafers //

Trench Coats 2 Ways – Premium High Street

Trench coats, Reiss blue suit  and silk shirt, Marella blouse , NYDJ jeans, LK Bennett loafers and tote

Trench coat // Jacket // Trousers // Tie blouse // Bag // Shoes // Blouse // Jeans // Tote // Loafers //

Trench Coats 2 Ways – Budget

Trench coats, Marks and spencer trench, blue jacket and trousers, jeans and silk shirt, Dune pink loafers, Capsule Accessories bag

Trench // Jacket // Trousers // Print shirt // Bag // Shoes // Silk shirt // Jeans // Tote // Loafers //

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