The New Denim Jacket, Where To Buy & How To Wear

An old wardrobe favourite has suddenly become a trend. The denim jacket is now on every fashionistas must buy list. This season though, there are two new options. The first is the oversized denim jacket and the second is to choose a colour. There are plenty of pretty pastels, but if you don’t want a colour, then white is probably the hottest option.

I personally will be leaving the very oversized jackets to the 20-30 year olds. But you know I never like to dictate, so if you want to give one a try, go ahead. Instead I am opting for the coloured version and I think my pink pleated skirt is crying out to be teamed with one – see below.

One other thing to note about the new denim jackets, there are plenty available in a softer washed version, or like the pink one below which is actually linen. Opt for one of these if you are busty like me 🙂

Here are some great pretty pastels to choose from, but I’ve also linked more options below too.

The New Denim Jacket

denim jackets in pastel colours and how to wear them

Stone // Yellow // White // Lilac // Green // Pink //

Shop more denim jackets:

How to Wear the New Denim Jacket

Wear your jacket with both smart and casual pieces.

denim jackets in pastel colours and how to wear them

Yellow jacket // Dress // Espadrilles // White jacket // Top // Trousers // Sandals // Pink jacket // Grey T-shirt // Skirt // Espadrilles //

The denim jacket has always been a wardrobe basic, but it isn’t one that has ever really appealed to me. This season though, I really think I could be tempted. Are you?

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