The Best Bags to Pack for a Holiday

Which are the best bags to pack for a holiday? I would recommend a couple, including a tote for travelling and days out where you need to carry more, map, guide book, water and camera. A smaller bag for the evening and/or a crossbody bag for the daytime. If you choose well though, you can combine the last two. There are so many pretty cross body bags that can double up for day and evening.

The best bags to pack for a holiday – Tote Bags

Best bags to pack for a holiday, tote bags, striped, canvas, Mulberry, LK Bennett

Red // Cream // Navy // Neutral // Navy & Red // Neutral cut out // Stripe //

Choose something bright like the red one above, Navy and stripes are good options too. Alternatively a neutral bag will go with all of your holiday outfits and the one in the centre folds up to pack if you aren’t using it as your travel bag. Because it is canvas it also works brilliantly as a beach bag too.

The best bags to pack for a holiday – Metallic Bags

Best bags to pack for a holiday, metallic shoulder bags, metallic tote bags

Silver tote // Gunmetal // Gold tassel // Gold quilted // Silver // Rose gold shoulder bag // Gold retro // Rose gold tote //

I always recommend a metallic bag for a holiday because it means you can pack just one and it will go with all of your outfits. A metallic tote works for the day or evening and if you choose one like this rose gold one with a separate inner bag you have your daytime tote and an evening clutch. Smaller metallic bags can be used during the day and for evening. They look great with white and brighter holiday colours too.

The best bags to pack for a holiday – Practical and Pretty

Best bags to pack for a holiday, crossbody, embellished bags

Two tone // Red // Yellow floral // Pink // Raffia // Cream beaded // Gucci logo // Pearl flap // Pink etched // Flamingo // Red chain // Embroidered tote //

My third choice is a bag that is practical and pretty too. Choose a bright pop of colour that works with your holiday wardrobe or something neutral with some decoration or embroidery that you can use for day or night. I am seriously lusting after the flamingo bag and the gorgeous embroidered tote!

So those are my best bags to pack for a holiday. You probably only need 2 out of 3 if you choose carefully. I think my choice would be a metallic tote for day, travel and beach and a pretty little crossbody bag for day and evening. Which would you choose?