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Welcome to Stylish@50

If you have ever been shopping and come home feeling despondent because nothing seems right for you, ever struggled to find makeup to suit you, wondered whether to embrace the grey or struggled to dress your new 50+ body shape, then this is for you!

Stylish@50 is your one stop shop for everything to do with life after 50 (and those under 50, should you want to join us)

It can be so frustrating trying to find good quality clothes in styles that don’t either age us or make us look like we are trying to be our daughters. What do you wear so you don’t look frumpy or worse, like Mutton?

Makeup sinks into our fine lines emphasising them and skincare is getting more and more confusing – should we use Retinol, Vitamin C, night serums, day serums, hydrating creams? The list is endless and how do you know where to start?

What is the best way to keep in shape and adjust our eating and exercise regime to work for a fifty plus body?

And what about the “M” word. It’s being discussed a little more, but is still to a certain extent our ‘little secret”.

How do we balance our lives, supporting our children, ageing parents and still find time for ourselves?

As a 50 + personal stylist, these are all issues that affect me too. So I created Stylish@50 to provide advice and support. Predominantly style and beauty specifically for the 50+ woman, with additional articles and resources around all of these topics.

Housed in a secure membership site, with beautiful capsule wardrobes designed for you, colour advice as yours changes, product and treatment reviews and more. There will also be a forum for you to discuss these topics with other members, share feedback and ask for help and support.

I am fifty plus and like you I have experienced all of these issues. However, as a personal stylist I have the tools to help you gain confidence with your clothing, makeup and hair. Plus I will be investigating other resources to recommend to you.

Together we will celebrate being over 50, 2019 is going to be our year!

To find out what’s included in Stylish@50 and to join us click here.