Style Makeover

Are you in need of a bit of a boost?

Or like most women have you got to a certain age and started to feel insecure and even invisible?

If so the Style Makeover is just what you need!

How to wear colour, your best coloursHave you always wanted to know which colours are right for you and how to wear them?

Would you love to know which makeup colours will make you look your fabulous best? Or maybe you need new glasses and want to know which colour to choose.

Maybe the things you used to feel happy wearing no longer fit or suit you. Your body shape has changed, you may be finding those first grey hairs and now you just don’t know what shapes and colours enhance the new you.

Or should I retire jeans altogether?


You might want to try a new hairstyle and want some advice about what would suit you…

colour makeover

How would you like to be able to walk into a shop and find what’s right for you, ignoring all those fads and colours that aren’t? Would you like to be able to accentuate the positive and distract people from what you’d rather keep to yourself?

The answer is the Style Makeover!

Specially designed for your needs and your personal style dilemmas.

What’s Included:

  • An analysis of your colouring – You will learn which of the six colour dominants is you (Light, Deep, Warm, Cool, Bright or Soft) and your secondary characteristic for example you may be a Deep (your dominant) with a warm (secondary) skin tone.
  • How to wear colour in the right way for you
  • Your best authority colour and your best attention grabbing colour
  • How to wear black (everyone does, so I’ll tell you how to make it work for you)
  • Colours for glasses and jewellery
  • Makeup colours
  • A wallet containing 48 colour swatches that will making shopping for colour in future a breeze
  • An analysis of your body shape – are you a curvy girl or straight up and down or maybe a mixture of both
  • How to dress your body shape with some key guidelines for you to follow
  • How to accentuate your best bits and conceal what you aren’t so keen on
  • Outfit ideas so you know exactly how to make your wardrobe work for you
  • Personalised answers to your style dilemmas
  • A six item capsule wardrobe – a LookBook of items and outfits chosen specifically to suit your colouring, body shape, budget and lifestyle with direct links for you to buy the items in your size

Once you know which colours shapes and styles are right for you shopping will be so much less of a hassle in the future. Plus you get a kickstart with the items I choose for you. Then you can build onto those pieces to create your own capsule wardrobe.

How do I get started?

Click on the buy now button below, answer the questionnaire and upload a couple of photos and in a few days your personalised Style Makeover Booklet will be delivered by email to you and your wallet of swatches will arrive in the post.

What’s the Investment?

The package is just £239

Click here to buy your Style Makeover.

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