Pretty Shoes For Women With Bunions – Yes Really

You may have despaired of ever being able to find pretty shoes for women with bunions. Bunions are incredibly common, there are 10 million sufferers in the UK alone and 38% of women over 30 have them. What’s more, sufferers will put themselves through more pain in order to wear beautiful shoes for a special event. Many will buy for that one occasion and never wear the shoes again. Well if you are one of those 10 million women, I am excited to tell you that pretty shoes for women with bunions (or wide feet) do exist. Hurrah!

First though, I want to take a step backwards in time. As you may know, at one time I was the owner of two shops selling clothing and accessories and of course beautiful shoes. I can still remember the day I found the brand Lisa Kay, at an exhibition in Birmingham. It was love at first sight. Why? Well as a lover of colour and shoes, I was thrilled to find a brand that combined both. There were two ranges; one for smart and occasion shoes and bags in beautiful colours and designs and one for casual wear, including wedges in a gorgeous range of colours for the summer. What I also loved was that it was a small British brand and the quality was exceptional. Needless to say Lisa Kay was one of the brands I was delighted to stock in my shops.

So come forward quite a few years and I was recently contacted by the Lisa Kay brand Sole Bliss to see if I would be interested in working with them. Although the person that contacted me didn’t know about our “history” it seemed like the perfect brand for me to share with you. So let me tell you a little about Sole Bliss which is especially timely today the 25th April because it is National Bunion Day and it is sponsored by Sole Bliss.

Lisa Kay (yes she is a real person) has 35 years experience in the shoe industry and was aware of the issue that many of her customers had finding pretty shoes for women with bunions or wide feet. So she set about solving the problem and creating the Sole Bliss brand. Inside every pair of Sole Bliss shoes you will find an ingenious, innovative patent-pending technology to accommodate and comfort your bunions. Here’s what makes these shoes different. The ability to marry advanced shoe technology, quality materials with the latest trends, all within a fashionable & elegant pair of shoes.

The shoes may look like an ordinary pair of elegant shoes however inside every pair; is the special patent-pending Juanet Technology®

Pretty shoes for women with bunions, Sole Bliss shoes technology

Sole Bliss very kindly offered me a pair of shoes to try. Over the last few years I have rarely worn heels but I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try a pair in a trend colour, white and in the popular sling back style – and yes they are blissfully comfortable. (By the way in those years of owning my shops I did used to stand pretty much all day in my Lisa Kay heels)

Pretty shoes for women with bunions, Alessia white slingback shoe with block heel

You will have seen these shoes pop up in my Spring capsule wardrobe video and I will be taking them as part of my holiday capsule wardrobe (coming soon) when I go to Antigua in May. This style comes in other colours in leather and suede, including timeless navy, a fabulous hot pink and a useful metallic.

Pretty shoes for women with bunions, Alessia white slingback shoe with block heel


There is also a kitten heeled version of the slingback, again in a variety of colours in suede and leather.

Pretty shoes for women with bunions, Alessia white slingback shoe with kitten heel

There are also classic courts, higher peep toe sandals, flat slingbacks and neutral wedges; something for whatever your taste, including these rather fabulous leopard print shoes.

Pretty shoes for women with bunions, court shoes with block heel

The shoes also all come in half sizes too, for a really perfect fit.

Here are my shoes on – don’t they look gorgeous?

Pretty shoes for women with bunions, Alessia white slingback shoe with block heel

Pretty shoes for women with bunions, Alessia white slingback shoe with block heel

So why not treat your feet to a fantastically comfortable pair of shoes on National Bunion Day? And for more information on National Bunion Day, see below.

pretty shoes for women with bunions, national bunion day infographic


  1. Georgina
    April 26, 2019 / 3:22 pm

    I don’t have bunions (lucky me) but my feet are very wide. Do you think these shoes are suitable for those of us with wide feet? I love the pink slingbacks, btw.

    • Maria
      April 29, 2019 / 12:57 pm

      Hi Georgina, yes I think they would definitely work. They are incredibly comfortable and I would be happy to walk in those heels which I wouldn’t normally think I could.