Party Outfits to Suit Your Colouring

Why hide away in a LBD (Little Black Dress) when you can stand out if a fabulous colour that really suits you? Of course I have nothing against you if you want to wear black, as long as it makes you feel good, it doesn’t matter what colour you wear. But if you do want to find some party outfits to suit your colouring read on. I’ve found a dress and a trouser outfit fro those who don’t like dresses.

Party outfits to suit your colouring – Light colouring

If you are light with very fair hair and skin it can be tricky to find pieces that don’t overpower your delicate colouring. However, this Winter pastel colours have been on trend. So buy now and you will have something to wear when there are only the deeper or jewel colours available in the future.

party outfits to suit your colouring, light colouring, lilac Whistles blouse, silver Reiss trousers, blue karen millen dress, silver LK Bennett shoes

Earrings // Blouse // Trousers // Purple bag // Shoes // Necklace // Dress // Blue bag //

This lilac and silver blue combination is perfect for Light colouring. I have added silver accessories and a deeper purple for the bag. For the dress option I have chosen a gorgeous blue – stunning with blue eyes.

Party outfits to suit your colouring – Deep colouring

As a Deep you can of course wear black. But I’ve gone for something a little more striking.

Party outfits to suit your colouring - deep colouring, Karen Millen Blue velvet dress, Whistles purple velvet trousers and purple gold print topEarrings // Blouse // Trousers // Purple bag // Sandals // Necklace // Dress // Blue bag //

Purple is a gorgeous rich colour for the party season and is especially luxurious when it is in velvet.

Party outfits to suit your colouring – Warm colouring

Christmas should provide plenty for the Warm person to wear, with all of the golds, greens and reds available.

Party outfits to suit your colouring - warm colouring, LK Bennett rust velvet trousers, Hobbs bronze blouse, Boden deep green dress,Necklace // Blouse // Trousers // Gold bag // Sandals // Earrings // Dress //

How gorgeous is this combination of rust, bronze and gold, especially when you mix textures with velvet and satin. A green dress works perfectly with gold accessories and a fun pair of earrings in 3 different greens.

Party outfits to suit your colouring – Cool colouring

Look for blues and jewel colours and then pair them with silver to show off your cool colouring.

Party outfits to suit your colouring - cool colouring LK Bennett navy velvet trousers, Boden navy ruffle blouse, Coast bright pink dressEarrings // Blouse // Trousers // Silver bag // Shoes // Necklace // Dress //

I’ve used navy, as it is one of your best neutrals and this outfit can work in your wardrobe for many years to come. As an alternative I’ve chosen a gorgeous hot pink. Silver accessories will work for you both Winter and Summer, so don’t be afraid to invest.

Party outfits to suit your colouring – Soft colouring

Instead of black choose a softer charcoal grey as I have done here, then add a muted pink and a bit of sparkle.

Party outfits to suit your colouring - soft colouring, Monsoon pink wrap top and grey velvet trousers, Boden teal velvet dress // Blouse // Trousers // Pink bag // Pink Shoes // Necklace // Dress // Gold bag // Sandals //

These crushed velvet trousers will work with any accent colour. Here I have used a muted pink and touches of pewter on the accessories to tie in with the trousers and the detailing on the top’s shoulders. For the dress I’ve gone for Teal (which actually looks good on any colouring) and added soft gold accessories.

Party outfits to suit your colouring – Bright colouring

Winter parties are perfect for you to wear some of those stunning bright jewel colours of the season.

Party outfits to suit your colouring - bright colouring, Mint Velvet emerald green top, Karen Millen jacquard trousers, LK Bennett red dressNecklace // Blouse // Trousers // Silver bag // Shoes // Necklace // Dress // Silver shoes //

These gorgeous trousers are crying out to be teamed with a striking emerald top. Of course if anyone can rock a red dress it’s you. And as you look so good with contrast I’ve used silver accessories.

I hope this gives you inspiration for creating party outfits to suit your colouring. If you are sure which Dominant colouring you are, check out this page on your best colours, or why note treat yourself to a Colour Dossier, so you know exactly which colour party outfit to choose.