One Investment Piece Worn 3 Ways – Plus My Current Lust List

Sometimes (or in my case quite often actually) you see an item and fall in love with it. And sometimes (mostly!) it is from the higher end of the High Street or a designer piece. I imagine it in my wardrobe and how I would style it, usually coming up with endless ideas of how I could wear it. It’s a bit of justifying the purchase, using my own version of maths – Fashion Maths. If I can wear the item multiple ways then surely it means it’s a bargain! So this has happened on more than one occasion recently, especially while I was hunting for items for the Spring Capsule Wardrobe. Below are just a few of the items I have fallen in love with – if you do too and commit to a purchase, please let me know how you are wearing the item. Plus I have also shown one investment piece worn 3 ways (just in case you need help in creating enough outfits to justify buying)

My Lust List

Firstly, when LK Bennett have just had a delivery it is a danger zone, there are always multiple pieces I want! I have narrowed it down to the one item I am lusting over the most.

Summer occasion dress


This one I cannot justify. I love the colour and that it looks beautifully floaty but I don’t have the occasions to wear it. I considered it for the Rewardstyle conference in Dallas next month but I’ve found something a little less expensive that I will wear more often.

Rixo dress


Very similar to the one above in colouring. This is from a brand called Rixo and there were actually several skirts and dresses I loved. The problem is, in my head I am tall and willowy and in the mirror, not so much!


I love this look, except I wouldn’t have used black accessories, but I do love the cage style heels. I could see this skirt being dressed up or down over the summer, so I will be keeping an eye out when the sales start (especially as they probably will before we even get any warm weather!)


I love the colour and the shape of this blouse. After buying a See By Chloe blouse last year and getting compliments every time I wore it, I was sorely tempted as it is another piece you could dress up or wear more casually. But having lost so much weight I felt it would be a shame to hide under something so voluminous, it would need skinny trousers to balance it out.


This one did get into my virtual basket and all the way to my house. This was going to be part of an outfit for the conference. I love that it is so vibrant and was planning navy or white trousers with it. However, when it arrived it just didn’t love me, as much as I loved it, so sadly it was returned. (I do know someone it would look fabulous on though – SM!)

Ganni trousers and top

Top // Trousers //

I think this outfit is gorgeous and would be very flattering to curves with the wrap top. But it’s black and pink and while I do wear black, the combination with pink wouldn’t be my best.


You will have seen these before on the blog, because yes, I do LOVE them! They are sunny, have a sensible heel and would go with a lot in my wardrobe this Spring. They may still fall into my basket…


Oh my goodness, how beautiful are these? For over £500 they should be though. Totally impractical, ridiculously expensive, but so gorgeous. Enough said, unless we win the lottery this weekend, they will never be mine.

One Investment Piece Worn 3 Ways

So, onto another item that I have been back to look at several times. I love a wide legged, printed trouser and these are no exception. I’ve styled them 3 ways, for a casual summer day,  a smarter look and an evening look. In fact perfect to pack in a holiday suitcase. What do you think, have I justified them yet?

Investment trousers styled 3 ways

Necklace // Top // Trousers // Basket // Espadrilles //

Investment trousers styled 3 ways

Necklace // Blouse // Bag // Trousers // Sandals //

Investment trousers styled 3 ways

Necklace // Top // Bag // Trousers // Sandals //

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