New Ways To Wear Pink For Spring.

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With Valentines Day on the horizon and lots of pretty pink pieces in the shops, I thought I’d give you some new ways to wear pink this season. Whether you love pink or will only wear it on rare occasions, there are plenty to choose from this season, including the two pinks in the Pantone colours for Spring/Summer 2019.

new ways to wear pink, pantone pinks for spring 2019, pink peacock, pressed rose

These two pinks; Pink Peacock and Pressed Rose will work on you if you have a cool skin tone, in fact most of us could get away with these two pinks, especially if you mix them with other colours in your palette. I think the only people who would struggle to pull them off are Warm dominants. But hey, if you love the colour, wear it. Feeling confident is what’s most important.

New Ways to Wear Pink – Muted Shades

new ways to wear pink, pressed rose, blazer top and loafers Bode, pink print top Reiss, Navy trousers LK Bennett

Blazer // Pink top // Skirt // Shoes // Pink print top // Trousers // Loafers //

This is the delicate and feminine option if you prefer muted colours. I love the idea of a pink blazer mixed with navy for the office. The navy still gives you authority, but the pink says you aren’t afraid to show your feminine side too. Both of these would be lovely evening outfits, with or without the blazer.

New Ways to Wear Pink – Brights

New Ways to Wear Pink, pink peacock trousers Boden, red vest top Reiss, Pink court shoes, Pink loafers

Red top // Trousers // Court shoes // Necklace // Pink top // Loafers //

Are you brave enough to do brights? ¬†You are going to see a lot of them around this season. I’ve given you two options with the same gorgeous trousers. Colour clashing does take confidence, but if you pick two colours of the same strength you can pull it off. For option two it’s still full on pink but toned down by wearing blended shades of pink.

New Ways to Wear Pink – Prints

New Ways to Wear Pink, green and pink print dress LK Bennett, Navy and pink dress, Boden,

Green print dress // Bag // Shoes // Navy dress // Bag // Shoes //

If full on pink isn’t for you, why not try it in a pink. Play safe and mix a soft blush with navy – a great Spring occasion outfit – or try some more interesting combinations like this green and pink print dress.

Will you be trying some new ways to wear pink this season? You’ve probably already guessed it but I’m going to do a colour clash. Stay tuned to see how I do it.

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