New Wardrobe Essentials in Linen

This weekend is a Bank Holiday and it’s May. It is supposed to be a good weekend (she whispers very quietly) and I am bored with knitwear, so I am adding some lighter weight pieces to my Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe. I have already added a few pieces for my trip to Dallas, which by the way had worse weather than the UK! These were pieces that more likely fall into the Signature and Stand Out sections or my wardrobe (watch this video to see more about Signature, Stand Out and Essential Pieces – there is also a whole section of the Style Guide course that covers how to determine yours) But I am now thinking about those essential pieces that every wardrobe needs. For me they have to be good quality and long lasting items that I can pull out again and again to complete an outfit. In the Spring and Summer they will typically be tops and lightweight knits in cotton, silk or linen blends.

So, for this month as part of my Brand Ambassador role for Pure Collection, I chose 3 linen pieces; a casual T-shirt, lightweight knit and a pretty ruffle sleeve top. You can buy linen pieces at all points of the budget scale and I would say that Pure Collection sit at the mid to slightly higher end of the scale. The reason I choose them is because the quality is exceptional. They can be worn and washed on repeat over the Summer months and I will pull them out again next year. In fact I have just unpacked the linen piece I had from pure last year and will be wearing them again this year.

My first choice is the casual T-shirt in Lime (it will work for you if you have a warm skin tone, but there are other colour options if you are cool toned) You will get some shedding of fibres but this is perfectly normal and it should settle down after the first wash. The T-shirt is beautifully soft and a relaxed shape with a dipped hem.

Pure Collection, Linen T-shirt

Jeans // Necklace //

For days when you need a little more than a T-shirt, but less than a wool or cashmere knit, I chose a double layer linen sweater. There is a bit of a theme here because I again chose Lime this time with white. It’s a really fresh, Spring combination.

Pure collection, linen sweater

Jeans // Necklace – old //

It also comes in navy and white, another Spring classic. The striped layer sits underneath the plain top layer and it hangs beautifully, exposing the stripes as you move.

Pure collection, linen sweater

My final choice is the perfect partner to a pair of white jeans or shorts. Pack it in your holiday suitcase and wear it for a casual dinner in the evening. The ruffle sleeve top comes in this pretty Turquoise (mint) white and a gorgeous Hot Coral.

Pure Collection linen, Ruffle sleeve turquoise top

Necklace // Jeans //

I’m wearing mine here with the Pure Collection crop jeans (I’m definitely getting these in the coral too)

Pure Collection linen, Ruffle sleeve turquoise top

Are you a linen fan? If you don’t like the look of creased linen I would recommend you choose a piece that is a linen blend, like the linen blend sweater or the casual T-shirt, rather than a piece like the ruffle sleeve top.

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