My Antigua Beach Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

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I’m happy and sad to say that I am back from my holiday! I’m missing the long lazy days with a book, under a large umbrella with fruit punch, cold towels and ice lollies regularly delivered. I could get used to being retired but I think the novelty might wear off after a month or so and I would be wanting to stretch my creative styling muscles 🙂

If you are heading off on a city break, rather than a beach, check out this post for a done for you capsule wardrobe.

Anyway, as promised here is the follow up to my holiday capsule wardrobe video. If you saw the video, you will have seen the pieces I had planned to pack. In the end, as I thought I would, I whittled it down when I came to pack.

Beach holiday capsule wardrobe – what I packed

Below is what I actually packed for my beach holiday capsule wardrobe, as well as the gingham jumpsuit, the black linen dress and the coral silk dress which are not shown in this picture. I have linked everything that is still available below the pictures or an alternative.

beach holiday capsule wardrobe pieces, in orange, black, red and white

Orange top // black spot top // White boho top // Cream silk top // Black silk top // Red silk top //

Orange trousers // Stripe trousers // White skirt // Cream silk culottes // Black spot culottes // Red trousers //

Coral silk top // Black dress // Stripe dress // Teal dress // Palazzo pants // Kaftan //

holiday capsule wardrobe swim and beach wear, stripe beach dress, bird print sarong, orange swimsuit and kaftan, black swimsuit

Orange kaftan // Black swimsuit // Stripe beach dress // Orange swimsuit // Flip Flops // Bag // Sarong // Black/white swimsuit //

beach holiday capsule wardrobe accessories, red case, cream bead evening bag, espadrilles, gold evening bag, red sunglasses, earrings,

Red cabin case // Red tote // Cream bag // Cream evening bag // Gold evening bag //

Cream sandals // Gold wedges (GIFTED) // Black sandals // Espadrilles //

Black sunglasses // Red sunglasses // Animal sunglasses // Daisy sunglasses //

Black/gold glass necklace // Multi-colour necklace // Pearl necklace // Black bead necklace // Mother of Pearl earrings // Teal earrings // Black earrings // Orange/gold earrings //

Beach holiday capsule wardrobe – Day outfits

beach holiday capsule wardrobe, day time outfits

beach holiday capsule wardrobe, Maria Sadler, stylist and fashion blogger wearing white top at Curtain Bluff Antigua

It turned out that after getting dressed in the morning for breakfast, most days I changed mid morning into swimwear and headed for the beach. Hubby and I were both exhausted when we left for our break and although we had good intentions of doing lots of sightseeing, we didn’t. We decided that we didn’t want to hire a car as the roads weren’t great and after our taxi journey to the hotel, we didn’t relish the idea of driving.

beach holiday capsule wardrobe, Maria Sadler, stylist and fashion blogger at Curtain Bluff Antigua, wearing White company stripe dress

Once we discovered how fantastic the service on the beach was, we literally chilled out, read and dozed, taking advantage of the nearby pool or sea to cool down. Just what we both really needed.

Curtain Bluff Antigua

The weather was around 29 degrees and we had one morning with a little rain, but by the time we headed to the beach it had cleared up and we had beautiful sunshine again.

beach holiday capsule wardrobe, Maria Sadler, stylist and fashion blogger wearing stripe beach trousers and orange top at Curtain Bluff Antigua


Two tanning tales which come with warnings i.e. I made the mistake so you don’t have too!

Firstly I have been using the same self tan product for the last few years and no longer lay in the sun (trying to undo the damage from my youth!) However, St.Tropez have recently released a new clear product that you can dress immediately after applying and it doesn’t mark clothes, or sheets if you use it before bed time. I do know that in the past St Tropez has caused me to itch a little, but thought I would give this new product a go anyway. I did shave my legs the morning I used the product and then used it at bed time, so not immediately after, but I happily slathered it on. The next morning – the day we were travelling – my legs had come up in red bumps that not only itched they stung as well! I tried using some E45 cream and taking antihistamine (I was desperate at 6 am) but nothing helped and my legs were in this state for the first few days. The product does what it says on the tin, but I just wanted to recommend that you try on a small patch of skin first and I will return to my much loved product.

beach holiday capsule wardrobe, Maria Sadler, stylist and fashion blogger wearing orange kaftan at Curtain Bluff Antigua


The second issue I had, you can just about see in the photo above, my left leg somehow got severely burnt. I was sitting in the shade, or so I thought, but somehow my leg burnt in a patch down my shin. And I don’t just mean burnt it went purple and now even a week after returning is still discoloured. So slap on much more sun cream than you think you need!

beach holiday capsule wardrobe, Maria Sadler, stylist and fashion blogger wearing stripe beach dress at Curtain Bluff Antigua

This beach dress was one of my favourite pieces. It was so easy to throw on over a swimsuit to head to the beach or for lunch at the beach cafe.

beach holiday capsule wardrobe, Maria Sadler, stylist and fashion blogger wearing orange linen trousers and black white spot top at Curtain Bluff Antigua

Beach holiday capsule wardrobe – Evening outfits

Beach holiday capsule wardrobe, evening outfits

Curtain Bluff Antigua

It was so nice to head back from the beach, have a cool down drink and get ready for dinner. Although the resort doesn’t have a dress code as such, most of the guests did make an effort to dress for dinner. So I was really happy with the outfits I had packed.

beach holiday capsule wardrobe, Maria Sadler, stylist and fashion blogger wearing palazzo trousers and black silk top at Curtain Bluff Antigua

For the day we arrived I wore my print palazzo trousers with a simple black silk top and the gold Lisa Kay Espadrilles which were kindly gifted. They were so comfortable that I ended up wearing them most nights.

beach holiday capsule wardrobe, Maria Sadler, stylist and fashion blogger wearing teal Eileen Fisher dress at Curtain Bluff Antigua

Although my teal dress didn’t really fit with my colour palette, I took it anyway, because as a stand alone piece it worked with both sets of accessories, the cream and the gold. I just added the fab earrings.

beach holiday capsule wardrobe, Maria Sadler, stylist and fashion blogger wearing black and red sequin kaftan and red trousers at Curtain Bluff Antigua

I initially bought this kaftan for the beach, but it was such a lovely floaty fabric that I decided to pair it with my Eileen Fisher trousers for the evening.

beach holiday capsule wardrobe, Maria Sadler, stylist and fashion blogger wearing black silk dress by Eileen Fisher at Curtain Bluff Antigua

This black silk jersey dress has been worn so many times, both with the top and without. I kept it really simple by adding a beautiful Murano glass necklace in black and gold and the gold accessories.

beach holiday capsule wardrobe, Maria Sadler, stylist and fashion blogger wearing cream silk culottes and peach top at Curtain Bluff Antigua

I look red in this picture but apart from the leg which was hidden by my gorgeous silk culottes, I really wasn’t. It was hard to get the light right for pictures, but this mirror did come in useful for outfit pictures as the “Instagram husband” was only occasionally persuaded to take pictures!

beach holiday capsule wardrobe, Maria Sadler, stylist and fashion blogger wearing red capri pants and red silk tunic at Curtain Bluff Antigua

I couldn’t have left this favourite outfit behind. It’s so easy to wear and I always feel good in it. You may remember it came on holiday last year and I panicked because I spilt fat on it. Well I am happy to say I saved it with a bit of Fairy rubbed in, before washing on the hand wash programme of my machine. It’s made from silk, the same as my so often worn cream cami, the cream culottes and the black top in the first evening picture. They were all investment pieces, but so worth saving up for. They all go in the washing machine and iron beautifully. I have only washed the culottes a couple of times but the cream top and this red one have been washed and ironed countless times and they still look perfect.

We had been warned about mosquitos and as someone who usually can’t find a spot on my body they haven’t nibbled, on the nights I wasn’t covered up, I sprayed my self with Deet. Surprisingly I only ended up with about 4 bites.

beach holiday capsule wardrobe, Maria Sadler, stylist and fashion blogger wearing white boho top and full white skirt at Curtain Bluff Antigua

I think this may have been one of my favourite outfits. It felt perfect for the location and for me was a better alternative to a white dress. The gold accessories came out again with a pair of cheap shell earrings – sorry I can’t find them online, but anything with white and gold would work.

One note about my hair. I do have a set of tongs with an American plug on them but decided to take my straighteners, which I can also curl with, to cover both options. However, most nights I ended up simply washing, drying and giving my hair a quick run over with the straighteners, because it was just too hot for lengthy styling. Unfortunately they aren’t dual voltage so didn’t get up to their full heat, but it was enough to just smooth my hair out. So I would recommend either taking something that is dual voltage or be prepared to be a bit more relaxed with your hair styling.

beach holiday capsule wardrobe

So what didn’t I wear?

The gingham jumpsuit – I did put it on one evening, but it just gaped too much at the front and showed my bra. I will add a couple of stitches to make it more decent and will wear it here at home.

The black linen dress with patch pockets – this comes up quite fitted on the top and I thought it would be too hot. I love it though and will wear it with the espadrilles or a pair of wedge sandals on warmer days here.

The coral silk dress and necklace – Again I put this on but it was just too hot to wear the necklace. I’m going to wear the dress as I have worn it before, open as a jacket over cream trousers and top and then add the necklace. I will also wear the necklace with other tops to dress them up.

So what did himself pack? Pretty much what you see him wearing below – shorts, linen shirts and a couple of pairs of chinos.

Curtain Bluff Antigua

Would I recommend Antigua and our resort Curtain Bluff? Yes absolutely! The service was exceptional, from the cocktail at check in to the beach staff with their regular deliveries of drinks, cold towels and ice lollies and the equally attentive restaurant staff.

Curtain Bluff Antigua

It wasn’t peak time while we were there so the hotel was only about half full but apparently at Christmas some guests book up for the next 10 years! It was mostly Brits and some Americans and almost all our age with the odd younger couple. But in the busier times it swings the other way and is mostly Americans.

Curtain Bluff Antigua

We upgraded to a room on the Bluff which is slightly larger and higher up with a balcony looking out onto one of the beaches. It also had the added bonus of giving me some exercise climbing the stairs 3 times a day, which after the amount of food we ate, was definitely needed!

Curtain Bluff Antigua

The pool was deserted most days as were the tennis courts and spa. The poolside and beach side toilets and showers have to be the most immaculate I have ever been in, with flowers, plenty of fluffy rolled white towels and bottles of Molten Brown products.

Curtain Bluff Antigua

The beach restaurant serves a fantastic buffet at lunch time – one day a week with a steel band playing – or you can order sandwiches, burgers or salads.

Curtain Bluff Antigua

My only recommendation for the hotel is to add tea and coffee making facilities in the room. Other than that I couldn’t fault it.

Stepping off the plane after a long haul flight is so much better when the warm Caribbean air and a steel band greets you. Ooh and if you go, book a private transfer from the airport, we were given a priority ticket and bypassed the long queue at immigration.

Antigua, Curtain Bluff

Do you think he’s wondering how soon we can book again?


  1. Val Bergin-joyce
    May 31, 2019 / 6:17 pm

    I enjoyed your post Maria, and you look lovely in your outfits. I have just come back from Cape Verde, and found I didn’t wear half of the stuff I took. I had got it down to 16 kilos but I think I can do less. I’m aiming for 4 days beach and coverups, and 4 evening outfits next time, plus 2 shoes day and 2 shoes and bags for night. I can repeat my fave 2.

    • Maria
      June 4, 2019 / 10:47 am

      Hi Val, it’s hard to edit down isn’t it? I didn’t really need all the day outfits as we spent most of the time on the beach but I am glad I took the variety for the evening. I could have taken so many more shoes but the gold and cream sandals went with everything so I didn’t need to. I always plan outfits before I go so that I am not thinking about what goes with what when I get there or taking something just in case 🙂

  2. Georgina
    June 3, 2019 / 1:00 pm

    Hello Maria, welcome back and thank you for this lovely post about your holiday. It sounds as if you and Mr S had a very relaxing week and your outfits looked smart, stylish (of course!) and perfect for the hot weather. It was nice to see a photo of Mr S too, even if he did have his back to the camera!
    Did you take another suitcase that you put in the hold? I can’t believe you managed to pack everything into your lips cabin case, as you had shoes, sandals and handbags as well as clothes.
    In the video you made of the clothes you were going to take on holiday, you showed us a pair of tortoise shell earrings but I couldn’t find a link to them in the dialogue box. I thought they were gorgeous and wondered where they came from.

    • Maria
      June 4, 2019 / 10:49 am

      Hi Georgina, Thank you! I did take another case 🙂 I actually put both in the hold and just had my red tote for hand luggage. Didn’t use the tote the rest of the time though so I will rethink about hand luggage next time. The earrings were from M&S 🙂