Monday Pick Me Up – Spring Blouses Worn Two Ways

This week’s Monday Pick Me Up is about a wardrobe item that has really come back onto the Fashion Radar; the blouse. An item which was not that long ago considered frumpy is proving to be very popular, the reason being that they are so useful and versatile. They are a feminine layer that you can use for both smart and casual occasion. Here I have shown 3 of my favourite Spring blouses worn two ways.

How to wear a blouse casually

Spring blouses worn two ways

All outfits – Jeans

Outfit 1 – Cardigan // Blouse // Bag // Shoes //

Outfit 2 – Blouse // Bag // Loafers //

Outfit 3 – Jacket // Blouse // Bag // Boots //

For days when you want something a little bit nicer than jeans and a T-shirt, a blouse is the answer. Here I have shown them worn with a smarter wide leg jean. For the first option I have picked up on the pale blue and yellow in the blouse for the accessories (perfect Spring colours) For option 2, I have used a classic combination of red and navy. Option 3 has  accessories that reflect the Boho vibe of the blouse and the outfit is finished with a suede jacket.

How to wear a blouse for smart occasions

Spring blouses worn two ways

All outfits – Trousers

Outfit 1 – Blazer // Bag // Shoes //

Outfit 2 – Necklace // Bag // Shoes //

Outfit 3 – Necklace // Bag // Shoes //

This time I have added a pair of cream tailored trousers to each blouse, firstly for the office, secondly for the evening and finally for a smart daytime occasion.

Blouses are one of the key pieces in my wardrobe and I have already purchased a couple of Spring blouses that I can wear two ways, or more, giving great cost per wear.

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