Monday Pick Me Up – How to Wear a Trench Coat

This week’s Monday Pick Me Up is about how to wear a Trench coat. Many articles you will see talking about the essential ingredients of a capsule wardrobe, will tell you that you need a Trench coat. The classic Burberry is, of course, the most desirable, but it doesn’t suit everyone. For example if you are busty, like me, a double breasted style will emphasise your bust. For those with a straight body shape, the classic style is perfect. Tie the belt to give an illusion of a waist. For curves look for a softer fabric and cinch in the waist to show off your shape. Shoulder details work well on pear shapes to balance the hips.

Colour wise, choose a warm tan or sand for a warm skin tone and stone for a cool skin tone. Navy works on everyone, and is more formal, so that might be a better option to wear over a work suit. If you don’t work, choose a fabulous coloured version, or a suits everyone Teal, like the one below.

Below I have styled four different looks to give you some ideas for how to wear a Trench coat, 2 smart and 2 casual. I have chosen a variety of price points including one designer version.

Wear your Trench smart

How to wear a trench, smart options

Left – Trench // Top // Skirt // Necklace // Bag // Boots //

Right – Trench // Jacket // Trousers // Bag // Shoes //

Wear your Trench casually

How to wear a trench, casual options

Left – Trench // Knit // trousers // Scarf // Bag // Trainers //

Right – Trench // Sweatshirt // Velvet jeans // Scarf // Bag // Boots //

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