Living Stylish – Stylish Luggage

This week for the return of Living Stylish, I have been thinking about travel and in particular, stylish luggage that becomes part of your chic capsule wardrobe. If your travel outfit and those contained in your suitcase have been carefully thought out, why wouldn’t you want stylish luggage that is still practical too? If you saw my packing in one piece of hand luggage video (see below) you will know that I have a gorgeous Lulu Guiness Red Lips cabin case. It gets so much attention, and if I get it checked it’s easy to spot on the carousel too.

Our picks of the best stylish luggage

Stylish luggage

Large case // Medium Case // Cabin case //

Starting with the Rolls Royce of luggage. This is luggage guaranteed to travel First Class. Made from Polycarbonate (used in aircraft and vehicle construction) these cases are lightweight but incredibly strong. They will yield to pressure but immediately return to their original shape. They also withstand exposure to UV radiation and are resistant to heat and cold ranging from +125° down to -100°C. If you travel a lot and need suitcases that will last a lifetime these may be worth your investment. Plus you might also get that upgrade too!

stylish suitcases

Large case // Cabin case // Floral cabin case // Wash bag //

stylish luggage

Large case // Medium case // Quilted cabin  case // Vanity case //

Did you know that Ted Baker do luggage? And incredibly stylish luggage too. With everything from suitcases and cabin bags, to vanity cases and makeup bags. They have stylish attention to detail, including wheels that look like buttons but that are still practical with their 360 manoeuvrability. Also made from Polycarbonate to be light and strong, they come with moulded hand grip for comfort. It’s this attention to the little extras that make them worth the investment.

stylish luggage

Large case // Medium case // Cabin case //

stylish luggage

Large case // Medium case // Cabin case //

Two options here from Marks & Spencer, which as you would expect are great quality but at a reasonable price. They also incorporate a TSA Lock – a global security system that allows luggage to be locked whilst permitting security authorities to open and inspect the contents without damaging the lock. The gold set has an open back trolley system which means the handle is on the outside of the case rather. Plus they are also guaranteed for 5 years.

stylish luggage

Floral – grey/pink // Navy blue // Grey quilted // Fuchsia // Exotic bird // Suede // Gold //

Finally, some suggestions for a great on board bag. One of my favourites has to be the Le Pliage from Longchamp. I have mentioned these countless times before because they really are brilliant. They fold down, are incredibly hard wearing and last forever (my original must be 25 years old!) plus they come in loads of colours and sizes.

Other than those choose something fun and bright, after all a holiday should be when you can opt for something a little more fun. Alternatively choose a neutral colour that goes with every thing.

Just in case you can only travel with handheld luggage below is my packing video which shows you how to pack at least 14 outfits in a carry on bag (these are winter outfits with boots too!)


If you are heading off on your travels, is it time for some new and stylish luggage?