Live Life in Colour

Thank you! We are so excited that you have decided to join us!

Your best colours


The membership site will be going live in a few weeks and we will email all of your access details before the course goes live.

In the meantime we suggest you start doing some pre-work to get prepared. Start thinking about which colours you wear the most and taking note of those that you are drawn to. Which colours do you never wear? See if you can pinpoint why.

If you use Pinterest, create a secret colour board and start pinning images you love and seeing if there are any themes. If you don’t use Pinterest you could create a folder on your computer and add anything that catches your eye – or tear out pictures from magazines and keep them in a special “colour box”.

Try and be more aware of colour on a day to day basis and make some notes about your thoughts and feelings.

We will be back soon with more details and your access details – we can’t wait to get started!