Lifestyle – Winter Must Haves

Here is a slightly different post as I am going to be interspersing some lifestyle posts amongst the Fashion and occasional beauty blogs. They will be about things I have found and love, from a must read book to something beautiful for the home. For this first post I thought I would include some of the things that have kept me going through January.

January must haves

First off my NutriBullet – I’ve held off buying one of these for some time, but since I did buy it, I don’t know how I have managed without it! This one is not just for smoothies though, it also makes hot soup in 7 minutes! During the winter my typical lunch is soup and although not being cheap, the NutriBullet will in the long run save me money on the fresh soups I have been buying. Plus I know exactly what is going into them (most ready bought soups contain far too much salt and many also contain sugar) As well as making fresh soup every day I am also drinking a mid morning smoothie with some Maca powder (Maca root benefits include a positive effect on hormone balance, energy levels, and a health booster, it smells awful but is completely disguised by the fruit) and I am already starting to feel less sluggish and more alert. This version also comes with a brilliant book that gives you recipes good for all kinds of ailments.

Last week, Liz and I gave my office a spring clean and added a desk so that she isn’t sitting at the dining room table or breakfast bar, but is now comfortable in her own space in my office. This has really helped with the brain storming sessions. We’ve been keeping ourselves alert and focussed with the aid of some beautiful candles. My current favourite is Verveine from The White Company and next up I want to try the Happiness candle from Neom Organics.

To counterbalance the healthy intake from the NutriBullet I really couldn’t live without my Nespresso machine. Current favourite coffees are Volluto and for a stronger hit Linizio (I think it might help that every time I use the Nespresso machine I think of George Clooney too!)

For those brainstorming sessions a good notebook needs to be at hand. There is a fantastic selection here and I’m loving this illustrated one from Christian Lacroix.

Finally, my garden has been permanently white with frost which is staying put all day, so to keep cosy, whether at my desk or curled up in an arm chair, a throw has been essential.

What essentials could you not do without at the moment?