Live Life In Colour!


Are you confused by colour? Even if you have been colour analysed I bet you still only wear a handful of colours confidently. Maybe you don’t feel like the colours are confused by colour, your best colours, how to wear colour,really you. Do they seem too dull or are they too bright for you? Do you look at others confidently wearing colour and wish that was you?

Believe me I understand!

When I was first colour analysed I felt like I had been put in a box – the label said “Autumn” but how can we possibly all fit into just 4 boxes?

That doesn’t make sense does it?

And why would we want to look like everyone else?

After years of working with literally thousands of women I’ve now cracked the code to wearing colours confidently and teaching my clients how to do exactly the same.

colour confidence, your best coloursThat confident woman can be you…

Imagine opening your wardrobe doors and everything being beautifully co-ordinated.

Each time you buy a new item there are multiple pieces you can wear it with and outfits you can create.

Shopping is easy because you know just what to look for and what to pass by.

You can get dressed in 5 minutes knowing you look fabulous.

Your wardrobe looks like it cost a fortune because it looks so good on you.

Here are a few reasons why this knowledge is so valuable

Firstly, and I think most importantly your confidence will grow dramatically

You will definitely save money – don’t even depress yourself with how much wasted cash is sitting in your wardrobe!

You will save time every morning when you get dressed, no more morning wardrobe stare while you try and figure out what to wear

People will treat you differently – you will look more polished and professional and you won’t be overlooked

You will understand how to use colour to influence those around you

The Answer is…

This isn’t a colour course as you know it.

You are the reason I created this course. We all suffer a lack of confidence at some time in our lives, maybe you have hit that time. I want to help “ordinary” women feel extraordinary – because you are!

The course will be delivered completely online in a private membership only website. It includes videos and downloads that you can watch as many times as you wish. Your access to the course doesn’t expire and if we update the course you will have access to all of the new material without any additional cost.

Part 1 – The Why

  • Why is colour so important
  • Why despite being colour analysed you are still confused
  • Why you only wear a handful of colours
  • Why so many of us stick to safe black
  • Why what you are going to learn is different to seeing a colour consultant
  • Why what you wear is about so much more than clothes
  • Why and How to start discovering the “real” you

Part 2 – Learn the Theory and “rules” so you can break them with confidence

  • The theory behind colour analysis
  • How do colours relate to you
  • Seasons and Dominants what does it mean?
  • Discover your Dominant colouring
  • What to wear when you aren’t sure what suits you
  • What are neutrals and accents and how do you use them in your wardrobe?
  • Learn the colours that everyone can use in their wardrobe

Part 3 – All About You

  • Learn more about your colouring – your secondary characteristic
  • Where you might get stuck and how to remedy it
  • Testing colours
  • Makeup, Glasses and Jewellery colours
  • Learn how to hone in on what is really right for you
  • My “secret sauce” that shows you how to create a colour palette that is really you

Part 4 – Using Colour like a Pro

  • How to mix colours
  • Your must have fabulous colour(s)
  • Colours for investment pieces
  • How to extend your colour palette with colours you love
  • Wearing prints
  • Seasonal colour palettes and how to incorporate them
  • Building a capsule wardrobe – 4 methods for creating colour capsules that make your wardrobe exciting and unique


 Rave reviews for Maria’s services…

Your best colours, wearing red,

“I am ecstatic to finally know what my coloring is. The blended colors will be a new experience for me but I am truly excited (and ready) for this transformation. The colours you selected ‘feel right.’”

“I feel like I’ve learned amazing amounts just seeing what you picked for me. It’s so much fun because I have really been in such a black/grey rut. Yuck! The color scheme you picked is so refreshing!”

“Thank you so much I am absolutely delighted. I love the colours you have chosen for me.”

“Just wanted you to know that I have now banished everything I have that is black to the spare room wardrobe (it will go to a charity shop once I am convinced I will never wear it again). Also that you are saving me a fortune in sale shopping, in previous years I would have been buying all sorts of ‘bargains’ that didn’t fit, suit me or that I’d never actually wear.”


“I am so glad that this year I have found you, it made such a big difference in my life and I want to say thank you.”

About your Teacher…

Smart casual autumn outfits, my capsule wardrobe

Over the last 25 years I have worked with thousands of women, as a stylist, boutique owner and now as the creator of Looking Stylish and it’s unique online services.

During that time I have developed my own methodology of style and colour analysis and created a unique personalised online capsule wardrobe service, used by hundreds women. I have met so many women who are still confused despite having spent money on colour analysis, not once but several times, only to be told something different each time.

Because my one to one services are always in demand and with waiting lists, I have designed this course so that you can still work with me even if a personal service isn’t possible.



So What is the deal?

The modules are held in a private membership site and will be released over 4 weeks to give you time to take everything in and really understand and put in to practice what you have learnt.

What Does it cost?

Now re-opened for enrolment at £239 and includes:

  • Access to the membership site
  • All of the course materials, modules and downloads
  • Ongoing free access to new and updated material

Enrolment is now open 

To join us on the course click the button below…


Is it worth the investment?

We think so yes, but you would expect us to say that! What we will add though is – what is confidence worth to you? If you want to think about it monetary terms just add up the cost of your outfit today (in many cases it will be more than £197) or better still add up the cost of all the items in your wardrobe that you don’t wear. This information will last you a lifetime and will quickly save you far more than your investment.

Will I still benefit if I have had my colours done already?

Yes – how confident are you that you are wearing the colours that are truly right for you? Or are you just wearing a small section of your colour palette or a formula that you were given with a set of swatches. We see so many women who have had not one, not even two but sometimes three colour analysis consultations and each time they have been given different colours and invested in those colours but still felt that something wasn’t right. We are all individuals, this course will show you how to personalise your palette so it’s just right for you.

What if I am still confused after taking the course?

Don’t worry we are here to help, there will be opportunities for you to get questions answered during the course.


Ready to join us – we hope so!