How to Wear Purple to Suit Your Colouring

You may have heard me say before that purple is a universal colour, meaning we can all wear it. BUT, when there are so many versions of ‘purple’ how do you know which is your best purple and how to wear purple to suit your colouring? When you are shopping you will see a variety of colours called purple, some of which I have shown below.

True purple sits at the midsection of the 3 colour characteristics; Depth, Undertone and Clarity. So it is neither light nor dark, warm nor cool, bright nor soft. This is the reason that we can all wear a true purple.

which is your best purple, how to wear purple to suit your colouring

From left – Amethyst, good for Light and Soft colouring. Heather, good for Light and Soft Colouring. Purple, good for all. Damson, good for Deep and Cool colouring. Bright Purple, good for Deep, Bright and Cool colouring.

Don’t try to match the purple exactly as you might find that almost impossible. When looking for the right purple think about what strikes you first about the colour. If you have Soft colouring for example, look for a purple that is muted (or looks slightly faded) or if you have Deep colouring you can choose a darker purple and so on.

How to wear Purple to suit your colouring

How to wear purple to suit your colouring

Above I have shown each of the Dominant Colour Types, with a neutral from their palette and another accent colour to mix with true purple.

Where to find Purple

How to wear purple to suit your colouring

Top from left to right – Crew neck sweater // A line sweater // Knit dress // Swing jacket // Puffer coat // Wrap front dress // Panelled dress // Cowl neck dress // Ruffle blouse // Tie side top // Tunic top // Bag // Scarf // Shoes // Ankle boots //

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