How to Wear Leather (or Pleather) Leggings

A few weeks ago I posed the question “Are you too old for fashion?” and I had plenty of feedback from you saying absolutely not. This week I was looking at some old photos of my family and I realised that in the photos my Grandmother would have been in her early 60s. Compared to friends and some of my clients who are in their late fifties and early sixties there was a huge difference. I couldn’t imagine my Grandmother wearing jeans, let alone today’s topic, leather leggings. How lucky we are to have the freedom to express ourselves with what we wear. I still feel though, that those of us over 50 are underserved by the fashion industry and it is so short sighted. This year at the RewardStyle conference in Dallas the number of 40 plus bloggers I met was around double what it was last year and they are becoming more popular, because women of our age have money to spend, but want advice about what to spend it on to look their best. We want quality pieces that are on trend without being fashion victim. There are brands that serve us well, my favourites being LK Bennett, Hobbs, ME+EM, Baukjen and Pure Collection.

How to wear leather leggings, style over 50

Blouse last year – love this season’s version Leggings – see options above // Boots //

All of which is a long winded way to open the discussion about leather (or in this case pleather leggings) I bought this pair from LK Bennett about two years ago. They have a faux leather front and ponte back which makes them incredibly comfortable to wear and they go in the washing machine and come out without needing to be ironed. I have contemplated trading up to the real thing, but they are expensive, harder to care for and I would be worried if my weight changed I would no longer be able to wear them. So for now I am happy to stick with my faux leather, and although they have now sold out you can get similar here, here and here.

How to wear leather leggings, style over 50

// Coat //

I like to keep  the tummy area covered and prefer a top that comes to the top of the thigh. For an evening outfit I wear mine with a silk blouse, like this one from LK Bennett last year. I have added this gorgeous faux fur coat and the must have sock boots this season, although mine have a less extreme pointed toe than the high fashion versions because they won’t date so quickly.

How to wear leather leggings, style over 50

Black top – old, see below for layering options // Sweater – similar here // Leggings – see options above // Boots //

As you may know, I love Eileen Fisher and her knits are gorgeous. I have two of these box shaped knits which fall a little too short with leggings so for a relaxed casual outfit I layer a longer top under the sweater. ME+EM have some lovely layering tops and shirts and Liz found this one this week as a more budget friendly option.

How to wear leather leggings, style over 50

Cardigan old – alternative and love this one // Crocodile patent boots //

Because I am short waisted I will often add a longer necklace or scarf to lengthen my body.

How to wear leather leggings, style over 50

// Sweater old – Love this one with 30% off //

I also have a pair of trousers that are predominantly ponte with leather side panels, again several years old from Pure Collection, which are great for day or evening. I wear mine with a heel to lengthen the leg.

How to wear leather leggings, style over 50

Alternative pendant // Blouse // Shoes //

As an alternative to leather, coated jeans or leggings are a good option too. Liz and I tried these which come in 5 colour options; black, black snake, berry (which I chose) bronze (Liz’s choice) and dark blue. You have to accept that they will wrinkle a little on the legs and probably won’t last as long, but as a fashion item at £26 I’m happy. I added a belt – they have belt loops and I wouldn’t wear anything short enough to show the belt but I would be pulling them up all day otherwise. Other than that they are really comfortable and have regular, Long, Tall and Petite lengths with sizes from a 6 to 22 (26 in regular).

How to wear leather leggings, style over 50

Blouse // Leggings // Bag // Boots //

Liz styled hers with a feminine lace blouse and gold accessories for the party season.

How to wear leather leggings, style over 50

Blouse – very limited online, size down at least one size // Leggings // Boots // Bag //

I paired mine with a flute sleeve blouse that dips at the back and this cute mini version of our quilted bag.

I think if you have the confidence to wear them and style them in the right way for you, it’s about attitude not age. What do you think? Would you wear a pair of leather (or pleather) trousers?

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