How to Wear A Midi Skirt

Although there are trends each season in skirt and dress lengths, you can wear pretty much any length you want to now. But a Midi length can be tricky to wear without it looking frumpy. Below are my tips and some suggested outfits for how to wear a Midi skirt.

How to wear a Midi skirt

If you have a long body and short legs, look for a length that sits just below the calf where your leg indents (this shows off the slimmest part of the leg) and wear a heel to lengthen the leg. A pointed toe works especially well, as does a crop jacket or top.

On the other hand, if you have a short body and long legs wear a longer length top or jacket to balance out the length of the skirt.

With a fitted skirt add some volume in your top with a looser fit and vice versa for a full skirt wear a more fitted top.

How to wear a Midi skirt on holiday

how to wear a midi skirt

Sunglasses // Top // Skirt // Bag // Shoes //

Here I have balanced the top and bottom with a longer length top. You could add a wedge sandal if you want to lengthen your legs but still keep the relaxed feel of the outfit.

How to wear a Midi skirt for a smart casual look

how to wear a midi skirt

Sunglasses // Necklace // Jacket // T-shirt // Skirt // Bag // Shoes //

I’ve made this outfit relaxed with a casual jacket and added a seasonal trend bag. Alternatively wear the skirt with a blouse and blazer to take it from smart casual to smart.

How to wear a Midi skirt for the evening

how to wear a midi skirt

Earrings // Top // Brooch // Bag // Bracelet // Skirt // Shoes //

For the evening look I have just used two colours and added gold jewellery, picked up with the gold on the bag. I’ve chosen white shoes, rather than gold to keep it modern.

I think Midi skirts can look so elegant, I will definitely be wearing one this season. The 3 options above are all reasonably priced and below there are some more options.