How to Make Your Colours Work for You – A Case Study

When I first started offering my online colour service I had no idea how popular it would become. Posts about colour are always popular and my page on “Your best colours” is consistently the most read page.

I thought this week I would give you a case study on one of my clients and show you how she has incorporated colour into her wardrobe. But more than that, she has also really embraced it and is a fantastic example of how to make colours really work on an everyday basis. I would like to introduce you to the lovely Anne, who used my colour service back in October of 2015. When I create a Colour Dossier I ask for a good head and shoulders picture so that I can see hair, skin and eye colour. Here is the picture Anne sent me and I have surrounded her in some of the colours from the Cool palette.

How to wear colour, your best colours


Anne has gorgeous Cool colouring with her pink toned complexion and grey hair (and is one of those lucky people that looks fabulous with grey hair). Cools look good wearing contrast which could be a dark and a light colour together or adding a bright colour to a dark or a neutral colour. Blues are perfect neutrals for Cool colouring, but think about using greys too. For accents, pinks, plums and purples work really well, but consider some Sea Greens and Turquoise too which often get overlooked. For reds look for berry colours like Cherry and Raspberry.

Wearing colours that really work on you can make a huge difference to the way you look. But I never want to tell a client “you must wear” or “you can’t wear”. What tends to happen is, that when you start wearing colours that you look fabulous in your confidence in wearing colour grows. Plus, as you start to get more compliments, you tend to reach for those colours more – who doesn’t want to get told how great they look?

As Anne says…

I have fewer clothes in my wardrobe now but I feel as though I have far more choice. – and I love the colours. I look forward to trying different colour combinations or adding accent colours with accessories . I love the feeling of ‘having something to wear’ rather than not knowing what to wear or how to wear it. I met up with some former colleagues for lunch recently. One said I looked great in fact she said she hardly recognised me! As I was leaving she said ‘ I know what the difference is. It’s the colours!

Anne continued her style journey by using the Monthly Wardrobe Builder Service (currently closed, see other services available here) to add colour to her existing wardrobe and create a capsule wardrobe of items that give her endless outfit options. We expanded on the navy and grey she already had. Below are some of the items I chose for Anne and how she has styled them.

How to wear colour, your best colours

How to wear colour, your best colours

How to wear colour, your best colours

Anne has the confidence now to create new outfits by mixing the colours she now has in her wardrobe – and she is doing it brilliantly!

How to wear colour, your best colours

Hopefully using a real client has shown you how you can make colour work for you.

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