How to Dress Slimmer – Fake it Till You Make It

If you read my post last week about a healthier lifestyle, you will know that I am on a mission to loose some extra weight. If you are doing the same (as so many are after Christmas) here are some tips for how to dress slimmer – faking it until you make it. Or as I call it “smoke and mirrors”. Just because you are trying to loose weight, it doesn’t mean you need to hide away in an all enveloping black sack! In fact wearing colour and using the right shapes can make you look instantly slimmer.

How to dress slimmer…

Decide whether you are curvy or whether you have a straight body shape. Look at your bust, is it full (curvy) or small to average (straight) Does your shoulder line curve or is it straight. Do you have a defined waist (curvy) or an undefined waist (straight). Do you have a curvy bottom or a flat bottom?

Next think about the parts of your body you love and aim to add detail or emphasis there. For example if you like your legs, choose fabulous shoes or detail at the hem of your dress. If you like your shoulder line choose a “cold shoulder” top. Be positive about your best features rather than focusing on what you don’t like.

Buy what fits. If you love the item have it taken in when you have lost weight. Don’t “wait until” to wear lovely clothes. Punishing yourself by wearing clothes you don’t really like will just make you more miserable and less likely to focus on your goals.

Choose the right shapes

If you have a defined waist, show it off with a belt. If you don’t have a defined waist, don’t make the mistake of wearing a boxy top as this will make you look pounds bigger. Choose a top with shaping to give the illusion of a waist.

How to dress slimmer

Necklace // Top // Bag // Skirt // Shoes //

If you hold your weight in the midriff area (which many women do as they get older) avoid tops or jumpers that pull tight across the area. Look for tops that have a pattern to disguise the fullness.

For a large bust, look for tops that drape, wrap or have ruching. Avoid any details or pockets on the bust area. Make sure you have a really good fitting bra to lift the bust too.

How to dress slimmer

Top // Trousers // Shoes //

With any piece of clothing avoid details anywhere that you want to conceal. For example, if you want to disguise a full buts, avoid your sleeve length stopping at the fullest part. If you want to conceal wide hips avoid a top or jacket that finishes on your widest area.

Choose the right fabrics

Curves need fluid fabrics that drape or have some stretch. Straighter body shapes can wear stiffer fabrics, but some stretch helps too.

Choose silk, tencel, soft washed cottons and linens, viscose and fine knits where you have curves. If you want to wear a stiffer fabric like denim, make sure it includes some lycra.

How to dress slimmer

Cardigan // Top // Trousers // Bag // Shoes //

Fabrics that are cut on the bias also work well. You can tell if a fabric is cut on the bias because it has some natural stretch to it. When the item is cut it isn’t cut along the straight grain of the fabric but cut across it at an angle.

Think about prints too. Choose spots and florals, rather than geometric patterns or anything that pulls the pattern out of shape on the body. For example a vertical stripe over a large bust that doesn’t sit straight.

Choose the right colours

I know we are frequently told that “black is slimming”. But it is only slimming if it suits you. If you are a Light and wear black from head to toe it will just make your body look bigger and your head look smaller. Wearing a light navy or grey will work so much better. Then adding one of your best colours close to your face will draw the eye up and away from those areas you want to conceal.

Wearing a colour from top to toe can make you look taller and slimmer.

Wearing colours that bring your face to life will do wonders for your confidence. My clients often find that when they wear colours that are fabulous on them, they get asked if they have been on holiday or lost weight because they look so well. (Find out more about our online colour service here)

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