How to Create a Colour Scheme for Your Capsule Wardrobe

If you are creating your own capsule wardrobe and wondering how to come up with a colour scheme there are several methods you can use. Today I thought I would talk you through one of them, because it’s easy, fun and will give you some insight into what really resonates for you.

Using a Mood Board to create a capsule wardrobe colour scheme

Creating a mood board will help you decide which colours you are drawn to and naturally love.

Look through magazines and websites and pull out or print off images that you are drawn to by the colours they contain. You can either just keep a folder containing all the images or stick them onto a piece of cardboard to see how they work together. If you have a Pinterest account this is a great way to pull images together too.

Once your Mood Board is complete look for any themes in individual colours or colour combinations you have chosen.

Here is an example of a Mood Board I created:

capsule wardrobe, how to create a colour scheme

From this mood board the dominant themes are; strong, rich colours, blends of neutrals, metallics and pops of bright colour. Predominant colours are Chocolate Brown, Gold, Berry with accents of Orange, Red and Pine Green.  Muted Taupe and Soft Peach also appear. The colours, despite their strength, look tactile because of the fabrics; soft cashmere, fur and silk all feature. 

From this I could choose Chocolate and Pine Green as neutrals, Taupe and Stone as light neutrals with accents of Berry, Red, Orange and Gold.

capsule wardrobe, how to create a colour scheme

Once you have determined the key colours you then need to check –

  • Do they suit my colouring and can I combine them in the most flattering way to create my overall look – in this example the dark strong colours mixed with bright accents work well for my Deep colouring and overall look. However, the blends of lighter neutrals aren’t ideal, but notice in some of those pictures the model is wearing dark glasses which I could adopt, or add a dark scarf or necklace to the outfit.
  • What is available in the shops – for the above example Pine Green is more likely to be a cool weather colour, Red and Gold may be more available at Christmas and light neutrals more in the Summer. In fact when I started to look for pieces in these colours Chocolate Brown is very sparse but will almost certainly be more readily available in September/October. But you can still start with the colours that are available now and add in others as they become more easy to find as I have done with the example below from some of the early Autumn collections.
  • Do the colours work for the capsule you are creating? For example Orange is more of a fun colour than a buisness colour so if this is for a business capsule you may just have Orange in a print or as a small accent in an accessory.
  • Can you live with these colours every day? You would have more pieces in your wardrobe in the neutral colours including key items like a winter coat, a suit if it’s for business, shoes, handbags and separates. Accent colours could be tops, accessories, a dress to wear with a neutral jacket and maybe a skirt or trousers.

Once you have checked these points you can start looking for the pieces to create the capsule.

Here are some items I found from the early Autumn collections that work with my colour scheme. Not all colours are here but I can add Red, Orange and Pine Green as more stock arrives:

capsule wardrobe, how to create a colour scheme

Silk shirt // Pink jacket // Chocolate dress // Cocoa jersey dress // Gold clutch // Gold heels // Chocolate puffa jacket // Necklace // Shoe boots // Scarf // Over knee boots // Tote // Jumper // Print skirt // Houndstooth skirt //

Notice that I have varying shades of the berry colour and of the browns, this doesn’t matter as long as when you put it together it works, which this does.

And how I might wear them:

capsule wardrobe, how to create a colour scheme

capsule wardrobe, how to create a colour scheme

You can adapt this to suit your own colouring. But starting with a mood board may throw up a few colours that aren’t in your colour palette. Don’t panic though, if the same colour appears several times then it must be one you are drawn to. So why not bend the rules and include it? Use it in accessories or within a print. If it is an accent colour that really doesn’t work with other accents in your scheme then wear it alone with the neutrals.

If you would like to know your best neutrals and accents order my online colour analysis to help you get started.

So, my Autumn shopping wish list has started! One item shown in the outfits but not on the group picture is this fabulous coat. A little over my budget but it’s reversible so I could argue it’s actually two coats which makes it a bargain! (Convinced?)

Capsule Wardrobe, choosing a colour scheme

What colour scheme appeals to you?