Happy Monday Treats – No Blue Monday Here

It may be Blue Monday, but I’m not letting that get me down. Last week I found some gorgeous colourful pieces to add to your wardrobe and today I’ve picked a few wearable items and a couple that can’t fail to make you smile. These are the ultimate Happy Monday Treats.

It’s the start of a new week, it’s nearly pay day and we’ve had some gorgeous bright weather. So don one of your favourite cheerful colours and add one of these to your shopping basket. Indulge in a delicious edible treat after a walk in the fresh air and perhaps a cup of hot chocolate. Today you have permission to forget the diet and just indulge for one day. I hope you have a Happy Monday!

My Happy Monday Treats


  1. A soft cashmere knit in my favourite colour – it may be cold but I’m not letting that get me down
  2. A red lip always makes me smile
  3. A book for all your happy thoughts
  4. This diffuser is designed to make you happy – I was lucky enough to be gifted the Happy body oil and it’s absolutely gorgeous so adding this for a sent throughout the house is an indulgence I’m definitely making
  5. It’s Mulberry, it’s in my favourite colour AND it’s in the sale – a guaranteed happy purchase
  6. You can’t fail to smile with these on your feet, they might even encourage you to get a bit playful – who says grownups can’t go on the swings in the local playground!
  7. Coming later this week to capsule accessories, some beautiful new scarves that will make you think of Spring – I will let you know when as soon as they are in