Capsule Wardrobe Example

Below is a capsule wardrobe example for a professional capsule. However, I also create beautiful casual and smart casual capsules too.

Why a Capsule Wardrobe?

A carefully thought out capsule wardrobe will:

  • Save you time and money – you get maximum cost per wear so making investments makes financial sense
  • Demonstrate your professionalism
  • Make mornings easier because everything works together and you can put an outfit together in minutes
  • Make you feel good about yourself because every item fits and flatters you
  • Get worn! You love every piece so it doesn’t sit at the back of the wardrobe
  • Be easy to add in updates each new season

But most women don’t have the time to create the perfect wardrobe for themselves…

Here’s a capsule wardrobe example for Autumn. Including work, Dress Down Friday, weekend and some evening wear.

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Neutrals are grey and black and accents are claret and teal/jade.

The work and Dress Down Friday Pieces

capsule wardrobe autumn 2014

Included here are a pair of black velvet jeans – smarter for dress down than blue jeans, they also get used for the weekend and evening.


The Accessories

capsule wardrobe autumn 2014, capsule wardrobe accessories


Weekend/Evening additions

capsule wardrobe autumn 2014, capsule wardrobe additions


And just a few of the capsule wardrobe outfits you could create – there are plenty more:

capsule wardrobe, business wear

dress down friday, capsule wardrobe


weekend capsule wardrobe, casual capsule wardrobe


evening capsule wardrobe

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