Create a Wardrobe you Love

Do you ever open your wardrobe doors and wish that you could just start again? If money were no object would you get rid of most of what’s in there and create a wardrobe you love? What percentage of occasions do you leave the house loving what you are wearing?

The reason I am asking these tough questions is because I know many of you would say yes and that the percentage is pretty low on outfits you love. I think that’s sad. So many of us are walking around in outfits that are OK but not great (or what the other half calls “fine”  – when will they learn that “you look fine” isn’t a compliment!) Wouldn’t it be nice to hear someone say WOW?

What’s wrong with your current wardrobe

Why don’t you love what is in your wardrobe and why do you spend so much time trying to create the perfect outfit? For some, it may be that your body shape has changed, you may have gained or lost weight and are “waiting” until you are the right size to revamp your wardrobe. For others it may be that you don’t know where to start and/or haven’t really got the time to think about it. You may also feel that you can’t afford to replace what’s in your wardrobe and you feel you should “make do” with what you have.

First of all I don’t believe anyone should “make do”. Why shouldn’t you look, and more importantly feel, fantastic? Why do you think you don’t have the right?

create a wardrobe you love

When I started my blog almost 7 years ago, it was as a way to help women just like you, look and feel fabulous every day – that was my original tag line. Since then it has turned into a full time online business. I started my styling business much earlier and you may not know, that at one time I also had two shops, one of which catered for the Plus size market (still so badly served) Once I closed the shops I chose to run my business online because at the time I had school age children and it gave me the most flexibility. Many of the clients I have served online over the last 7 years prefer that option too, because it saves them time and they are often more comfortable giving me personal information via email than face to face. I know it can be intimidating to work with a stylist closely when you have only just met them, but I do also want you to feel that there is a real person here, who cares about you too, which is why I write about myself and what I wear and those same struggles that you have in getting dressed (especially as I get older and my body changes)

Evaluate your look

As you read this post, think about what you are wearing right now. Does it make you feel good or was it something you just put on without thinking? How could you change the outfit so that you feel better about it? Is there anything you really dislike about it? Does the colour suit you? Does the shape work for you? Does it fit properly? Does it express your personality? By answering these questions you can start to create outfits that work better for you.

Common wardrobe mistakes

There are some common mistakes I see working with my clients that crop up again and again. Do any of these resonate with you?

  • You saw it on someone else and thought it looked good so you bought it, but somehow it doesn’t look the same on you.
  • You bought an item without thinking if you had other pieces it would go with.
  • You stick to a few “safe” colours – often black.
  • You don’t know how to mix colours.
  • You are waiting until you lose weight to buy pieces you like.
  • You bought something because you were shopping with someone else and they said they loved it on you.
  • You wear very plain outfits and don’t add any personality to them.
  • You rushed out to buy a special occasion outfit and spent far too much money, you wore it once for the occasion but didn’t really like it and haven’t worn it since.
  • You don’t want to stand out.
  • You are afraid of experimenting, better to stick to safe styles, colours or prints.

There are probably plenty more but this gives you something to start thinking about.

create a wardrobe you love

Create a wardrobe you love

By rectifying these problems you can start to create a wardrobe you love. The first stage is really understanding you. By that I mean;

  • Knowing which colours work well on you – both in terms of what suit you physically and which colours make you happy.
  • Knowing how to dress your shape in a way that shows off you best assets and draws the eye away from those you don’t like.
  • Thinking about what you actually need for your life style – maybe you have stopped working and have a wardrobe full of corporate pieces, then it’s time for a rethink.
  • Really understanding you. This is the most tricky one to achieve because it takes a lot of inward searching and research. It can be time consuming, but if you do set the time aside it will pay off in buckets.

Stage 2 is about taking all this information, determining your personal Style Formula* and building a wardrobe based around it.

Stage 3 is ongoing, because as you change your wardrobe should change with you. It’s about living with your newly created wardrobe, tweaking and adding new pieces that are perfect for you and removing those that aren’t. Each season you can choose to add new colours and styles but always ensuring that you really do love and feel good about every item you add. You can buy on impulse (you can have fun) but those impulse buys will be things that make your heart race with excitement because you know they are the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe. One that works with so many other pieces and is the perfect finishing touch, Signature or Stand Out Piece*.

Maria sadler, Looking Stylish


If you are ready to create a wardrobe you love, I have some resources that can help you if you would like some guidance:

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Finding out your best colours and using them to your advantage – The Colour Dossier, Live Life in Colour Course

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*Style Formula, Signature & Stand Out Pieces are all topics discussed in The Style Guide.