Cost Per Wear in a Capsule wardrobe – 2 Shirts, 6 Outfits

We all like getting great cost per wear from an item, so thinking about different ways you can wear it, before you hand over your credit card means you won’t regret the purchase. This is exactly why you can benefit from a capsule wardrobe. It should never be boring, because you should be able to create endless variety if you have a cleverly created capsule wardrobe that suits you. I don’t hold with having an exact number of items in a capsule wardrobe because it all depends on your lifestyle and personality. If you are someone who likes a minimal approach you will have far fewer items than perhaps I do because I love colour, so restricting my capsule wardrobe to just a few colours wouldn’t work for me. Equally if you have a lot of social functions and don’t want to be seen in the same dress all the time, you may have a complete occasion capsule wardrobe and a separate casual one.

I also don’t believe that every capsule wardrobe should have specific items; a trench coat, white shirt, black trousers. That’s where I think it does become restrictive and boring. We don’t all need or like the same things. So build your capsule wardrobe around the items you do want to wear.

I’m not a stiff white shirt girl – it doesn’t work on my curvy shape for starters – but the right shirt can quietly complete an outfit, or alternatively be the star of the show. Below I have found one of each that I would wear and created 6 outfits from 2 shirts.

Cost per wear from a linen shirt

First a linen shirt, which although functional, becomes a little something extra because of it’s exagerated proportions. It covers a multitude of sins, in town or on the beach. But make sure you wear it with slim leg trousers to balance the look.

capsule wardrobe, Cost per wear

Linen shirt // Pink Bag // Blue jeans // Trainers // Scarf // Green tote // Green jeans // Pink bow shoes // Hat // Bikini // Basket // Slides //

This gorgeous shirt could also be worn open as a jacket over a vest or cami top. A linen shirt is perfect to take on holiday to protect skin from the sun while still being lightweight in the heat.

Cost per wear from a silk shirt

My second choice is more of a statement silk printed shirt. If the print is too loud for you, choose one in a more subtle print and use this example for ideas.

capsule wardrobe, cost per wear

Silk shirt // Red jeans // Red bag // Red loafers // Navy jacket // Navy trousers // Navy shoes // Lime bag // Ivory trousers // Wedge sandals //

With a statement print like this, keep other pieces in neutrals, or pick out one of the colours for a more dramatic look. Don’t be afraid to wear a brighter print for work, just mix it with a navy suit or separates.

Which pieces give you the most cost per wear in your wardrobe and do you always think about different ways to wear when you buy a new piece?

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