Capsule Wardrobe Builder Service

The Capsule wardrobe Builder service is for you if you want to spread the cost of your wardrobe. It’s a High quality personal service but at a low monthly cost.

It’s the same capsule wardrobe service my clients know and love but…

Each month the capsule wardrobe builder service provides you with an update with 6 new items to add to your wardrobe. They will all be chosen to work for your colouring, body shape and life style as always and they will work with the pieces chosen for you last month and next month so that your capsule wardrobe builds over time. You can start and stop at any time, every month you continue to subscribe you will receive your next 6 choices.

Here’s how the capsule wardrobe builder service works:

  • Click on the link below. You will be charged £129  £99 immediately and then £129  £99 for each month you continue to subscribe.
  • You will be sent a questionnaire about your requirements, sizes and lifestyle and you will need to upload some photos so I can determine your colouring and body shape.
  • You tell me what your budget is for particular items, for example how much your would be prepared to pay for a coat or handbag. That way I never choose things outside of your budget.
  • Your first 6 pieces will be chosen and a mini Look Book of the items and links to buy will be sent to you*
  • Each month you will receive your new mini Look Book showing your growing capsule and outfits and the links to buy.
  • At the change of season you will receive new choices that will cross into the new season so your wardrobe will continue to build into a versatile collection of outfits for any occasion.

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Here is an example of one client’s two months selections of 6 pieces per month:

Capsule wardrobe builder service, 6 items of clothing per month

capsule wardrobe builder service outfits

capsule wardrobe builder 6 items


capsule wardrobe builder service outfits



Some of the praise this capsule wardrobe builder service has received!
“Fantastic Maria.”
“Just two words – love everything!!!!”
“Thank you! I just saw my items. I love everything.”
“Thank you for your suggestions, I love everything”
“Thank you so much – I love the capsule and can’t wait to start shopping!”
“I love everything!”
“I love it”
“Thanks for this – I absolutely love the selections you’ve made for me”
“Wow love all of it! I’m shopping tonight!!!!”
“Thank you so much again for this, I would never have considered the coat but trust you so have gone ahead and ordered it, along with everything else as I do trust you!!!”
“Thank you so much, I am delighted with what you have chosen and the colours look super together.”
“Thank you so much for the pieces you have chosen for my Capsule Wardrobe. I love the colours you’ve selected for me and I love all the pieces”
“Thank you so much I am absolutely delighted. I love the colours you have chosen for me.”
“These look wonderful, I love the colours”

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You will be charged £129 £99 immediately then £129 £99 per month until you cancel.