Are You Too Old for Fashion?

How important is fashion for the forty plus woman? Do you care what’s “in” this season or are you more concerned about fit and function? When did you last buy the season’s must have?

As a woman over forty you may feel that you have lost your way with fashion. Many of us will suffer with a knock in confidence as our bodies change over forty – those few extra pounds become much harder to shift! And if you have had children a flat stomach may be something you have to accept you will never have again, or at least not without a huge amount of effort. So your once hourglass shape, may now be more of an apple and you no longer know what to wear to flatter your new shape.

You may find that you need to shop in new places, the fast fashion that our daughters wear just looks cheap on us, or would be too short to be wearable. And over 50 you may need to wear natural fibres like cotton or silk rather than overheating in synthetics. This of course comes at a higher price, so we need to be more discerning about what we buy because most of us need to make sure we get good cost per wear.

Finally if, like me, you are new to having an empty nest, you might suddenly realise that it has been a while since you actually spent some time and money on yourself. It isn’t frivolous to spend time on what you wear, having your hair or nails done or just grabbing some me time. It’s essential! Why? Because it affects how you feel and that has an impact on everyone around you.

We don’t have to stop having fun with what we wear, we can wear some of the seasonal trends. It’s about making them work for your shape, lifestyle and personality. It’s time to discover a formula that works for you – your personal uniform – then you can throw in some “fashion” pieces, maybe a pair of fabulous shoes, a statement necklace or a new shape in a top or jacket.

You may also need to adjust or update your colour palette if your hair has changed colour. If so why not order our Colour Dossier.

For me, there are key items I have in my wardrobe that I replace when they are worn, because I know they work. Then I look at the trend items and colours for the season and pick and choose what I like and what will suit me. It might be an accessory, like a hat, a different way of wearing something or a new length of dress.



How to create a capsule wardrobe

Navy boots // Blue leggings //

Above from last Autumn, with a hat and chunky beads to accessorise my leggings and longer length top “uniform” that works for my new shape (yes I’m with those who have lost their waist!)

Below this year, a knit with a layering shirt (to incorporate frills and ruffles) and a floral print top, in this season’s berry colours.

Autumn capsule wardrobe, how to wear leggings

Layering shirt // Similar jumper // Leggings – coffee // Boots here in blue // Bag // Leggings – grey // Grey ankle boots // Bracelet //

I will also be adding a shaggy Gilet as a nod to the 70’s trend and the must have fabric, velvet, in a pair of boots.

What to wear over 40, how to wear

Hat // Jumper // Gilet // Bag // Leggings // Boots //


Other small changes and updates I will be making are wearing dresses with ankle boots this season, rather than my knee boots, an updated hair style and a flicked eyeliner (if you have a Charlotte Tilbury counter anywhere near you get them to show you how) I’m also on the lookout for an embroidered item for a nod to the Folk trend.

What updates will you be incorporating this season?

For those of you over forty (or under as a lot of the same information applies) check out my new mini ebook of Style Tips for the Forty Plus Woman. Just click the button below:

And this weekend, spend some time on you, even if you can only grab half an hour.