6 Spring/Summer Trends to Add To Your Capsule Wardrobe Now

This week I have been planning new additions to my Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe, as it seems like we might get a proper holiday this year, Yippee! It had all been a bit up in the air, not knowing what No. 1 daughter would be doing after she graduates next month. However, now that looks like it is all sorted – I won’t say too much yet because I don’t want to jinx anything – and we can start to plan a holiday. Where isn’t decided yet, but after our Canada trip, half of which it rained and last year’s short trip to France when one daughter was ill for the week, this one is going to be warm and relaxing. Which is all a big roundabout way of coming to which trends I will be adding into my Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe.

Spring Trends – Gingham, Broderie, Embroidery and Basket Bags

Spring trends, capsule wardrobe

Bead necklace // White top // Basket bag // Jeans // Gingham shoes //

Gold necklace // Gingham top // Bag // Embroidered slippers //

Above I have combined several of the trends because they work so well together. If you like a Summer Boho look, mix up a pretty Broderie top with white crop jeans and a basket bag. Pick up the colours with a multi-strand bead necklace and add a pair of bright gingham shoes.

Alternatively, choose a Gingham top with ruffled sleeves and add embroidered slipper shoes.


Spring Trends – Pink, Hoop Earrings, Gingham and Embroidery

Spring trends, capsule wardrobe

Jacket // Fascinator // Necklace // Jumpsuit // Pink bag // Gingham shoes //

Hat // Earrings // Basket bag // Embroidered slides //

A jumpsuit is the perfect alternative to a dress. Here I have chosen one in one of the season’s trend colours. It’s a pink that works on most colouring, except those who are Warm, because it isn’t too cool or bright, give it a try. I have dressed it up for a smart event with statement accessories (plus a touch of Gingham) and dressed it down to take on holiday, paired with embroidered slides, hoop earrings, basket bag and a floppy hat.

I think all of these trends are easy to incorporate but if wearing more than one together is too much for you, make them more wearable by mixing them in with your existing pieces. For example, you could just add a basket bag to your weekend look or a gingham top with your blue jeans. For me, I can definitely see that pink jumpsuit in relaxed mode on my forthcoming holiday, now I just need to decide where we are going, any good recommendations?