4 Wedding Guest Dresses and a Jumpsuit

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If you have started to recieve invitations to the Summer Season you may be wondering what to wear. So for today’s Monday Pick Me Up I am bringing your 4 wedding guest dresses and 1 jumpsuit (a bit like that famous film) but don’t just wear them for a wedding.

These outfits will grace other Summer occasions like Ascot and Henley. You just need to make sure that for the Ascot Royal or Quenn Anne Enclosures your head piece has a base of at least 4 inches and if you wear a jumpsuit it has to be below the knee. Dresses for the Royal Enclosure can’t be strapless or with spaghetti straps, so take a shrug like the yellow one below or add a Pashmina.

For the Steward’s Enclosure at Henley although you don’t have to wear a hat most women do. Unlike Ascot you can’t wear trousers, culottes or jumpsuits and your dress or skirt has to be below the knee in length.

Dress codes at weddings are relaxing but it is still a great opportunity to get dressed up and wear a hat if you want to. If you are in any doubt about the dress code always check with the bride or mother of the bride.

For the wedding guest dresses below I have chosen 4 floral options as they are so popular at the moment and flowers suit the romantic occasion. Green is one of the colours of the season, so I have chosen two green options, one pastel and one a brighter print. As they all bar one have long sleeves you don’t need to wear a jacket.

Wedding Guest Dresses – Mother of the Bride

wedding guest dresses, mother of the bride, embroidered peach and coral dress

Hat // Dress // Bag // Shoes //

A simple shift style dress is elevated to mother of the bride status with embroidery and a chiffon overlay. I’ve chosen comfortable but stylish kitten heels as you will be on your feet for many hours.

Wedding Guest Dresses

Wedding Guest Dresses, pastel green dress with pink flowers, pink hat shoes and bagHat // Dress // Bag // Shoes //

This pretty pastel dress in a wrap style will suit all body shapes.

Wedding Guest Dresses, emerald green floral dress, red hat and she's green bagHat // Dress // Bag // Shoes //

For Deep and Bright colouring, it’s often hard to find dresses in the Summer that aren’t pastels so this Emerald green option is perfect.

Wedding Guest Dresses, ivory floral dress, yellow shrug, bag and shoes, ivory fascinator with yellow flowerHat // Shrug // Dress // Bag // Shoes //

This dress would be gorgeous for a garden party wedding. But you could still wear it for a more formal occasion with the shrug.

Wedding Guest Dresses – Jumpsuit

If you aren’t a lover of dresses, a jumpsuit is a great option. This one is in a beautifully draping silk. I have balanced the wide leg style with a large hat.

Wedding Guest Dresses, Navy and pale pink silk jumpsuit, hot pink hat, bag and shoesHat // Jumpsuit // Bag // Shoes //

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  1. Susan Bridge
    April 29, 2019 / 12:34 pm

    Hi Maria, In desperation (sorry, getting really tight-fisted in my old age) I subscribed to your spring capsule this year. As I have said before, living in the outback is proving a nightmare shopping wise, and also, there is an awful lot of mud, even in the village! For the last ? years I have struggled through the spring, hanging on for the warm weather. This year, however I realised that the crunch had come when I found myself wearing my wedding suit skirt to the hairdressers because my trousers were at the cleaners! I have walked miles, searched the net and even dragged Graham to Bristol! I have given up on trousers; English ones don’t fit so until Marie-Claire returns to the US, I must make do. I finally bought a white stuff outfit (Not my normal style to buy matching stuff). A red/sea green skirt with sea green jumper and matching scarf. Fits a dream and suits me well. I’ve practically lived in it. However, it goes against all my thoughts on colour (I’m definitely soft colouring!) Now completely at sea! Currently sitting in JL at Cribbs(just passing through) wondering where on earth to go from here!
    Love reading your blog, although it drives me to despair sometimes! xxx Sue

    • Maria
      April 29, 2019 / 12:55 pm

      Hi Sue, Gosh it is difficult when you have nowhere near to shop. I think the John Lewis at Cribbs stocks Pure Collection, Boden and Hush which are all worth having a look at. Pure isn’t cheap but if you find something that works and wear it to death it’s worth it. Boden do some really good cotton trousers, mid price and I have had so many clients give good feedback about them. Plus if you can try them in JL rather than just sending for them that’s a bonus. With Hush you just need to check the fabrics as sometimes they use polyester and it’s not such good quality. I like Masai and Sahara for trousers too – again with Masai just check quality – Masai is stocked here near you https://www.masai.co.uk/find-store and there is a Sahara in Bristol, and both are online too.
      What about trousers is your issue – send me an Email xx