How to Wear – Autumn Trend, Dark Florals

You may have noticed that florals are a trend carried on from the Summer months. So what is different about them this season. Well, they are darker and by that I mean in depth of colour but also as in not being “pretty, pretty”. This time although they can still be feminine they have an edgier feel.

A dress is the must have floral purchase and you can find them at all price points from designer to Marks and Spencer. Forget about wearing court shoes, these dresses need 70’s style boots or heeled shoe boots.

Just a note on colour; if your colouring is light or you don’t want to wear a print that is dark, choose a dress that has a base colour that is lighter but has some darker flowers in the print like this velvet option.

Autumn trend dark florals

Velvet dress

As far as fabrics are concerned, most of these dresses will suit curves because they are mostly made from soft fabrics like silk, viscose, jersey or velvet. If you don’t have curves choose a heavier crepe fabric or a dress like the one below with it’s straight line detailing.

Autumn trend dark florals

Floral dress

Here’s how to wear the Dark Floral trend dresses:

Autumn trend dark florals

Left – Jacket // Dress // Boots //

Right – Jacket // Dress // Boots //

Note the 70’s feel to the first look. Both dresses would look great with a suede biker jacket too.

Here are some more dress options: