Comfortable, Stylish Flats and at Great Prices Too

The search for comfortable shoes, that you can wear all day, but that still look stylish is a continuing one. But this week I think I have found a few treats for you. Whether you don’t like, or can’t wear heels, or just want something you can put on and forget about, I think there will be a pair here for you.

stylish flat shoes

Satin Bow trainers // Grey bow trainers // Satin lace up trainers // Suede flats (also in black) // Red triple strap shoes //

Liz and I were out doing research for the Autumn and weekly capsules earlier this week and we stumbled upon these gems in Marks and Spencer (more success from good old M&S). In fact we had to tear ourselves away without buying all of them!

The top 3 pairs of flats tick the trend box with their big bows and come in these gorgeous rich colours with satin bows or the more laid back grey.

The middle two pairs of satin trainers with their velvet ribbons look gorgeous on and were incredibly comfortable too. Put them on and forget about them, unless it’s raining.

And finally the bottom row of more dressy flats, all made from suede and at just £39.50 are a brilliant price. I can confirm that the ones on the left which we are both wearing are like slippers and your foot is held securely in place by the ribbon across the front. Liz also fell in love with the red suede triple strap shoes (also available in black) and again found them very comfortable. These shoes will look just as good with jeans as they will with tailored trousers, skirts and dresses. The taupe will go with everything and the rich bordeaux looks gorgeous with neutral navy and grey or wear them with pink for contrast.

I’m still trying to decide which ones I need. That’s probably none, but on the other hand which I want, well that’s much harder!