Blooming Gorgeous Accessories!

One of the biggest trends for bags and shoes this season is florals. And I have to admit I have been tempted. What started with a sigh at this particular bag, became a search for something a little more affordable as I don’t have a spare ¬£3300 (yes that is 4 figures and not a typo) to spend on a handbag.

Floral bags, Fendi Peekaboo

Fendi Peekaboo bag

So while I was hunting for more affordable bags I also found some flower bedecked shoes.

Floral bags,

Red Gucci bag // Rose clutch // Black floral clutch // Blue embroidered bag // Black shoulder bag // Pink tassel bag // White envelope bag // Black shoulder bag //

Bright blue bag // White bag //

Floral shoes,

Wedge sandals // Bow mules // Rose gold sandals // Pink trainers // Blue floral mules // Black wedges // Blue floral slingback // White trainers // Yellow wedges // Floral boots //

While these pretty floral accessories are perfect for a season of weddings and events, they can also be used with your casual wear too.

Floral bags and shoes, how to wear,

Blue top // Skirt // Bag and shoes above // Dress // Bag and sandals above //


Will you be adding some florals to your accessories capsule wardrobe?

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  1. Pat
    May 19, 2017 / 2:46 pm

    While I’ve never thought of myself as a floral person, Maria, your illustrative use of lovely florals has given me something to reconsider.
    Thanks for the wake up call!
    A faithful fan,