Capsule Accessories for Travelling in Style and To Suit Your Colouring!

If you travel for business or pleasure you need a great set of accessories that are versatile and compact. If you are a regular reader you will know that I always stress the importance of accessories, which is why I created the CapsuleAccessories collection. So of course I included pieces that work well together. When you are travelling and need to reduce the number of items you are taking, mix and match pieces are essential.

I would recommend the following items for travelling in style:

  • A tote bag to carry your travel essentials whether you are going by plane, train or car.
  • A travel wallet that holds all of your essentials; tickets, credit cards, passport, phone and currency.
  • Versatile jewellery
  • A multitasking scarf

I’ve put together some ideas for you from the collection.

Starting with our Envelope Clutch – use as a large travel wallet and as a clutch bag on arrival. It easily fits one of our purses, your travel documents, phone and even a kindle. It comes in this gorgeous bright blue, orange and fuchsia.

Travel wallet, purse, credit card holder

Our Purses have been chosen to be multi-tasking too. Large enough to carry a phone, they have a pull out coin purse and card holder that you can use alone in a small evening bag. The purses come in the same colours as the Envelope Clutch so you can match or colour clash depending on your mood.

Leather travel wallet,

A smaller alternative to the Envelope Clutch is our Travel Wallet, which also contains a zipped pocket for your coins and notes. Available in Teal and Purple they are easily located in your travel bag and keep all your important documents together.

Add one of our colourful Tote Bags in grained leather with their secure zip top. Use it on the journey, when you are sight seeing and even on the beach.

I have also created some done for you capsules which include a Tote, scarf, jewellery and a small bag – either the clutch or a cross body bag – all co-ordinated to suit your colouring.

accessory capsules,

Above a capsule for cool colouring – buy as a capsule and save 10%

Buy Items Individually Tote // Envelop Clutch // Purse // Scarf // Chip necklaces //

Above a neutral collection with a red tote – buy as a capsule and save 10%

Buy Items Individually Tote (includes zip top pouch) // Cross body bag // Scarf // Necklace // Bracelet //

Above a capsule for warm colouring – buy as a capsule and save 10%

Buy Items Individually Yellow tote (includes zip top pouch) // Envelope clutch // Purse // Scarf // Chip necklaces //

I find scarves so useful on holiday; to add colour to an outfit, cover a sunburnt neck or as a shawl for cooler evenings. Pick one in one of your best colour combinations, we’ve tagged them to show which of the Dominant colour types they suit so you can search for your Dominant and see which scarves I would recommend for you. From the Home page click on the Collections menu option.

Finally our Multi Stone Chip Necklaces are perfect for travel. Take several different colours and you can create multiple colour combinations to suit your outfits.

semi precious stone necklace,

Choose one of our suggestions or create your own to suit your colouring.

You will definitely stand out as a stylish lady on your travels. You never know, you might even get an upgrade!