Colour Confusion – Wearing Your Colours Confidently

Are you colour confused? It seems that despite the amount of information out there, colour is still something that we find confusing. Particularly which colours are best for us. I get so many questions about colour, which is why I decided to create an online course all about your best colours and how to wear them. More news on that soon.

In the meantime though, how do you know which colours are right for you? You could go and be analysed, but unfortunately that might confuse you even more. In a discussion recently on the Style Club Facebook group several members said they had 2 or 3 different colour wallets from being analysed over the years. I’m going to be a bit controversial here and give the reasons why I think this is. Firstly, I think that becoming an “Image Consultant” or stylist has become pretty popular and some of them haven’t received quality training – some so called stylists aren’t trained at all and have set up a business on the back of people telling them “you always look wonderful, you should be a stylist”. They may be able to dress themselves to look fabulous but that doesn’t mean they can do the same for everyone else.

How to wear colour

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The second reason, I think, is colour prejudice. By that I mean, because you don’t personally like a colour, you don’t like it on someone else, even if they look stunning in it. You are being prejudiced by the colour and not seeing it on the person. This often happens when we shop with a friend or get advice from someone who hasn’t been trained well and had plenty of practice in switching off their colour prejudice. Believe me it isn’t easy, it was something that took me some time to master. I don’t particularly like fuchsia for example, but I know it looks fabulous on my client Anne (see her colour story here) so I have to unblinker my eyes to the colours I’m not so keen on so that I can create a wardrobe for a client that includes plenty of colour. I have now been doing this for almost 20 years and every single person is different (although I have never analysed identical twins!)

The result of this colour confusion is that there may be four or five colours we feel safe in and we tend to stick just to those when there are literally hundreds of colours we can wear. I would like to challenge you to try a colour or two that you haven’t worn before. Remember that you can always mix colours with the neutrals in your palette if you aren’t sure how to wear them. Neutrals include Navy, Taupe, Pewter, Charcoal and of course, if you wear it, Black.

Understanding how to wear colour

If you don’t know which colours suit you there are a few that you can start with that suit everyone – these are the universal colours; Teal for example or Purple.

And if you do want to see someone to be colour analysed, check them out first before you part with your money. Make sure that they have been trained and have been in the business for some time and whether they have testimonials from happy clients. Alternatively you can order my personalised colour dossier, an online service which includes makeup, jewellery and glasses colours as well as a set of printed colours and how to wear them at £49 or add in the wallet of 48 fabric swatches to go with the colour dossier at £89.

If you find colour fascinating and would like to understand much more about how to wear and use it, stay tuned for more details of the upcoming course – just click the button below to get my free guide to wearing colour and you will be signed up for the Friday Bulletin, my weekly newsletter where the course details will be announced first.

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