New Season Colours – How to Wear Yellow

If you are in need of something to brighten up these cold winter days, how about a look at what’s new for Spring? One of the colours that is already appearing in many stores is Yellow and there is going to be plenty of it around this year. But what if yellow isn’t a colour that suits you? Don’t despair, if you want to wear it you still can. It’s just a case of being a bit clever with your colour mixing. Of course you can wear it as an accessory – how about a yellow bag or shoes? They couldn’t fail to brighten your mood. But the alternative is a print and I have found some that you could work into your wardrobe.

How to wear yellow, spring 2017 colours

Left – Navy cardigan // Print top // Tote bag // Trousers // Shoes //

Right – Print blouse // Trousers // Pouch bag // Shoes //

If your skin tone is cool look for a lemon yellow or primrose (above left and below left) rather than a daffodil yellow (above right and below right) which would be better for warm skin tones. The print top above on the left would work well for Cool and Deep colouring mixed with navy and if the yellow accessories are too much for you stick to navy. The print blouse above right has just a touch of daffodil yellow that you could easily wear with Soft or Light colouring.


How to wear yellow, spring 2017 colours

Left – Dress // Bag // Shoes //

Right – Blouse // Scarf // Bag // Trousers // Shoes //

This dress would work well with Bright colouring and I have added a warm yellow scarf and bag to the blouse on the right to draw attention to the yellow in the print (the other colours in the print lean more to soft and cool colours).

If you want more information on how to wear colour click the button below for my free download. You will also be updated when I release my course which will tell you everything you need to know about wearing colour.

Free colour guide, how to wear colour


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