Last Minute Gifts that Still Look Special

There was such a positive response to my last gift blog I thought I would share another idea with you. This time it’s about gifts that you can buy last minute but that are still special and personal. Thanks to some retailers who offer a brilliant delivery service you can order right up until Christmas. The idea for this gift is a hamper. But not a pre packaged version, this one is chosen specifically for the individual.

The first step is to order a John Lewis “make your own hamper” set, which comes in two sizes depending on how many gifts you are including, at either £8 or £15. Then choose your gifts – for these examples I have used John Lewis – Order by 8pm and collect from your local Waitrose next day, Marks and Spencer – collect from your local store next day and Selfridges – order by 6pm for next day delivery including weekends. (Just check each site’s Christmas delivery schedules before you order)

The great thing about these hampers is you can determine your own budget and there won’t be items in them that you don’t want. Below I have given four examples with ideas for what to include…

The Pamper Hamper – for the woman who needs some me time.

Gift ideas, present inspiration

Champagne // Eye mask // Bath Gel // Candle // Hot Chocolate // Face Treatment // Cashmere socks //

The Chef’s Hamper – for the keen cook, add their favourite chef’s cookery book too.

Gift ideas, present inspiration

Apron // Measuring spoons // Cafetiere // Recipe Journal // Pestle and Mortar // Flavoured oils // Garlic press //

The Man’s Hamper – solutions for the “just get me anything” man

Gift ideas, present inspiration

Watch // Belt // Cashmere scarf // Kindle // Pen // Earphones //

The Daughter’s Hamper – all cool enough to be Instagrammable!

Gift ideas, present inspiration

Eye shadow palette // Headphones // Bracelet // Socks // Keyring // Hair straighteners // Phone case //

I hope you like these suggestions and they give you ideas for creating your own individual gifts. And if you would like to receive this kind of gift just email a link to this page to drop a hint!