Jewellery to Mark Special Occasions – Some of My Personal Favourites

If you follow me on Instagram you will have recently seen that I celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary and my husband surprised me with a rather beautiful gift, the 20/20 Classic Diamond ring from Links of London. It was a few weeks before I got to wear my gorgeous gift though, because it was too small for my ring finger and just a little too loose on my little finger. So I rang my local branch of Links in Windsor but after telling me they didn’t stock this style the assistant helpfully did a search to see who had one in stock in a smaller size. After a visit to Guildford I had a smaller size, only to discover that one of the tiny diamonds was missing. The staff in the Guildford branch could not have been more helpful (I did notice that they had a notice in the store about their customer service and they really do live up to it) they located another ring for me which they had sent to them and then on to me on a day convenient to me.

Links of London 2020 ring

Anyway, here is my beautiful ring, the perfect gift for a 20th anniversary. Why? Because the 20/20 Collection was designed to mark Links of London’s 20th anniversary with the three ring motif which honours their philosophy; Love London Life. So if you have a 20th anniversary this year why not add it to your wish list.

If you aren’t celebrating yourself I though I would give you some ideas for other special gifts for friends or loved ones.

How about a friendship bracelet which comes in a multitude of colours and different prices:










For those of you who have a daughter going away to University in the Autumn, I thought the Dream Catcher collection would be perfect for this important transition in their life at the starting point to making their future dreams a reality.

Links of London Dream Catcher

For a special birthday the Sweetie Collection is always a favourite. The distinctive charm bracelet is a signature piece of the brand. I was lucky enough to receive one for my birthday several years ago and since then have been building up my charm collection, including perfect miniatures of shoes, bags, my children’s initials and a four leaf clover for luck, as a reminder of special occasions.

Links of London Sweetie collection

Another of my favourites is the Hope collection which is inspired by new life and the hope that it brings – I received the necklace and earrings from my daughters on my fiftieth birthday (my new beginning of another decade) The pieces are encrusted with diamond pavé and sparkle and catch the light beautifully.

Hope collection Links of London

I hope this post has given you some ideas if you are looking for a gift for someone special. Or if you are hoping to receive a piece from Links of London why not email a link as a hint to your loved one!

This post isn’t sponsored or paid for, I really do treasure the pieces I have as they are so beautifully designed and are memories of special occasions for me. Jewellery makes such a special gift to mark an occasion.

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