New Season – A Challenge and a Giveaway…

Since launching the monthly wardrobe builder last August it’s been a real pleasure to see my clients grow their capsule wardrobe as well as develop their own personal style. For some I have given them a gentle nudge out of their comfort zone to try out either styles or colours that they haven’t worn before. Even if you know absolutely which styles and colours suit you, you can still get stuck in a bit of a rut and wear the same thing over and over again. We are all nervous of getting it wrong so it can be helpful to have someone to give you constructive (and kind) feedback.

Style Challenge

Members of the Style Club now regularly post their outfits in the private Facebook Group because they know it is a safe environment to get opinions from the rest of the group. They are all learning together what works for them because sometimes we can see it clearer on someone else than we can ourselves. Recent discussions have included wearing a jumpsuit, coloured shoes, sleeveless jackets, lace culottes and how to wear a maxi dress. I have been bowled over by how supportive this group has been to each other, it feels like a group of friends, even though most of them haven’t met. If you want to join the Style Club we would love to welcome you but if it’s not for you then that’s ok too, but I would recommend you enlist a good and honest friend to give you some feedback.

Giveaway Alert!!

So this week I thought I would set you a challenge. Are you up for it? With Spring arriving and thinking about new styles and spring colours I’d like to set a challenge for you to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Whether it’s a jumpsuit, a new brighter lipstick or a colour you have never worn before.

How to take part:

Leave a comment below telling me what you are trying out, if you are on Instagram post a picture with the hashtag #LSStyleChallenge and don’t forget to follow me while you are there.

For those not on Instagram send me a picture with the email subject “Style Challenge”

Then make sure you are subscribed to the Friday Bulletin (you can do that over on the top right hand side) I will treat one lucky reader to a Style Boost (value £99) free of charge to set you on the right track with your Spring/Summer wardrobe.

The winner will be announced in The Friday Bulletin on the 6th of May.

Here’s an example for you…

10569005_10153855110970240_1601319316346208184_nMy lovely client who had never worn red and apparently when her first monthly wardrobe selections arrived had a minor panic attack. However, she put her trust in me and tried it and guess what, now she loves red! And wouldn’t it have been a shame if she hadn’t?  Judge for yourself how fantastic red is on her.


And here are some ideas for you to try.


How about a jumpsuit:


Or maybe a pair of boyfriend jeans:


A red lipstick:




Or anything else that is new this season.

Finally, if you don’t know which colours suit you, or which red lipstick to choose why not order the Personalised Colour Dossier for all the answers?

Thank you to Sher, Dawn and Anne for allowing me to use your images – you all look fabulous!