Creating a Spring Capsule Wardrobe with existing pieces and new trends

Many of my clients come to me because they are bored with wearing the same thing all the time especially at the weekend or for smart casual dressing, they will ask “what can I wear instead of the same jeans and T-shirt combination?” They don’t have the time to spend trawling the shops to find what suits them. We now have so much choice available to us it’s hard to know where to start and we will often be swayed by a sales assistant into buying something and then regretting it later when we put it on at home. It then stays in our wardrobe throwing out guilt at us every time we see it hanging there unworn.

What can I wear instead of the same jeans and T-shirt combination?

Start by seeing what you have in your wardrobe that you do like and wear. Try to work out why it works for you. Is it the colour, the shape or maybe the fabric? Remember the key rules for dressing your body shape. If you are curvy look for fluid fabrics, those with stretch and shapes that move with your curves or have curves in them like a wrap dress. Avoid crisp shirts or double breasted jackets on a full bust. For those without curves the opposite is true. Look for sharper lines, firmer fabrics and geometric patterns.

Let’s say for example you already have in your wardrobe – a navy blazer, chambray shirt, T-shirt in one of this season’s colours (Serenity) a print skirt (a big trend this season) Ghillie shoes (big last year and just as popular this year) and a pair of trainers (especially metallics)

Creating a casual capsule wardrobe

Blazer // Shirt // T shirt // Skirt // Ghillie shoes // Trainers //

These items won’t date (apart from maybe the Ghillie shoes) so they can all be used in this season’s wardrobe. Now you can add a few of the wearable trends and additional seasonal colours.

This season’s trend colours are:

Seasonal trend colours spring 2016

Rose Quartz, Peach Echo, Serenity, Snorkel Blue, Buttercup, Limpet Shell, Lilac Grey, Fiesta, Iced Coffee and Green Flash.

Creating a casual capsule wardrobe

Jacket // Top // Dress // Trousers // Skirt // Bag //

For this example I have added the following seasonal trends:

  • a trend colour – Peach Echo
  • wide leg trousers which most of us can wear
  • a denim skirt (everywhere in all shapes and sizes – see this post for your best skirt shape)
  • a shirt dress which also includes trend colours (choose one in linen or cotton for straight body shapes or silk or jersey for a curvy body)
  • the small cross body bag
  • a utility jacket (I’ve chosen a neutral here that suits everyone but you could choose Khaki if it suits you)

Take these and add them to your existing pieces to create some updated outfits:

Creating a casual capsule wardrobe

Creating a casual capsule wardrobe

Then you can continue to build on these pieces and outfits. You could extend the second neutral of the utility jacket and add in more tops in accent colours. Limpet Shell and Buttercup from the trend colours would work well in here.

To find out which are your best colours and which of these season’s colours are right for you why not order a colour dossier? Find out more here.

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What will you be adding to your Spring capsule wardrobe?

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