Mini Capsule Wardrobe with Special Powers!

Who wouldn’t want a wardrobe with special powers (unfortunately not that they immediately make you 7lbs lighter but still pretty awesome) If you are one of those people who secretly turns the heating back up 5 minutes after your other half has turned it down or have reached the age where you constantly have your own internal heating then you will love this.

I’m talking about clothes with smart technology that keep you warm or cool, your clothes odour free and they thrive on low maintenance. Let me introduce you to HotSquash. Those of you who have been reading for a while may remember me mentioning them in the early days of the blog. Since then the brand has come on leaps and bounds with lots of new styles to take you from weekend casual to full on evening glamour.

There are 2 collections; one group keeps you warm and the other keeps you cool. Read “the science bit” here about how it works. But if like me, you want clothes that are easy to maintain – they don’t even need tumble drying – then you won’t mind how it works you will just be glad that it does.

HotSquash recently contacted me and kindly offered to send me some pieces to try. I chose 4 items to make up a mini capsule wardrobe that would take me from casual to an evening out. Including a pair of their Slouch and Glam trousers in Navy, a Breton stripe top, a pleat front blouse and the Ascot mock wrap dress. I didn’t choose, but have included here, the Tailored jacket, because I don’t work in a formal environment but it makes the perfect addition to the dress for business wear.

Mini capsule wardrobe pieces,

These 5 pieces with a few accessories saw me through the weekend for multiple occasions.

mini casual capsule wardrobe

For shopping and running errands the soft trousers and Breton top are supremely comfortable and of course cosy. While the blouse and a pair of heels transform the trousers for a casual evening out. Perfect if you are one of those people who is always cold in a restaurant and end up covering up your outfit with a cardigan, or worse sitting at the table in a coat.

mini capsule wardrobe,

The dress is extremely flattering and is made from a lovely soft, thick jersey fabric. I’m always a little wary with jersey dresses that they will be too thin and will cling but this one passes the test and hangs beautifully. Wear it with the blazer for work, more casually with a wrap and boots or with heels and a necklace for dinner – which is how I wore it.

I think for the quality of the fabrics the prices are very reasonable, especially considering how easy care they are. You will get plenty of wear from these items which of course reduces their cost per wear.

evening wear, capsule wardrobeFinally, if you do have a Black Tie event or party to go to you will be pleased to know that the collection also includes Occasion Wear and at the other end of the glamour scale I will be investing in a pair of socks to wear with my wellies when I am at the yard watching my girls ride!

HotSquash are also kindly offering a 20% discount on any purchases if you sign up for their newsletter which you can do here.

If you do make a purchase I would love to know what you think so do let me know.