Creating Capsule Wardrobe Colour Schemes

As I have been working through the monthly wardrobe builders I have noticed that, like many women, my clients have clothes in their wardrobe but they don’t have outfits. The reason for this is because often we buy something we love but don’t have anything to go with it. So our wardrobes have lots of individual pieces that we can’t wear with each other.

Here’s how I tackle this problem, hopefully it will work for you.

Start by seeing what prints you have, often a print will grab us because we like the blend of colours together. Then see if you have any prints that have similar colours, which although they won’t work together, you can see common colours that will work with both. Then see if you have anything in your wardrobe in those colours and if not you can create a shopping list of pieces to look out for.

creating capsule wardrobe colour schemes

In the example above the common colours are teal and tomato red. Pine green and chocolate also feature in the scarf and wouldn’t be out of place with the top. The blue in the top however, wouldn’t really work with the scarf, but you could extend the capsule with a separate mini colour scheme around the blue.

creating capsule wardrobe colour schemes

Print top // Scarf // Biscuit shirt // Teal jeans // Red jeans // Red top // Pine cardigan // Red bag // Red shoes // Chocolate bag // Chocolate boots //

See how once you start pulling pieces together they all sit well with each other.

And here they are as outfits.

creating capsule wardrobe colour schemes

creating capsule wardrobe colour schemes

If you would like to know your best colours and how to mix them order my online colour analysis, the personalised colour dossier. And if you would like me to create a capsule wardrobe for you, choose the monthly service which builds it over time or the capsule wardrobe dossier a complete done for you seasonal wardrobe.

To buy the pieces click the links above or the images below: